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Body Fat - Which Type Are You Suffering From?

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Body Fat - Which Type Are You Suffering From?

Body fat has often been regarded as the biggest culprit in spoiling that perfect shape of the body. The impact of extra fat is not just restricted to shape but is also a health hazard as it paves the way for various chronic diseases. Over 40% people suffer from the problem of extra body fat and the problem is more prevalent among the young generation. Excess body fat can be attributed to the sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and the type of diet being consumed. Body fat distribution has two main patterns, android and gynoid.

Android pattern is more common in males while gynoid is more common in females. On the basis of fat storage position, body fat can be of 6 types, the causes and treatment method varies for all 6.

  1. Upper body fat (android)
    • Causes: Inactivity, eating food rich in calories, consuming more fat than being burned on a daily basis.
    • How to get rid of it: 
      • Avoid fast food, sweets, carbonated drinks and alcohol.
      • Drink plenty of water and consume more vegetables and fruits.
      • Also start exercising regularly for atleast 35 - 40 minutes a day.
  2. Lower abdomen fat (gynoid)
    • Causes: The main sufferers of this condition are women who suffer from stress, anxiety and depression.
    • How to get rid of it:
      • Cardio exercises and along with lower abdomen resistance exercises work well.
      • Try to take a sound night sleep.
      • Meditate well and do yoga in order to relax the body and mind.
      • Green tea works well for this condition.
  3. Lower body fat (gynoid)
    • Causes: The main cause of bulging thighs is the excess of gluten in the diet.
    • How to get rid of it:

      • Exercises such as squats, burpees, cycling and crunches produce desired results.
      • Cut down gluten consumption in the diet.
      • Have a healthy breakfast and a glass of lime water early morning, empty stomach.
  4. Stomach centered fat (android)
    • Causes: Consumption of excess alcohol, especially beer is the greatest cause of this condition.
    • How to get rid of it: 
      • Cut down alcohol consumption
      • Take small portion of meals at regular intervals as this will boost your metabolism and help get rid of belly fat.
  5. Lower legs fat (gynoid)
    • Causes: This is most common in women during the time of pregnancy when legs tend to swell. Leg vein problem is another cause of this disease.
    • How to get rid of it: 
      • Avoid salty food, as salt helps in fluid retention.
      • Water aerobics and regular walking help reduce fats stored in lower legs.
  6. Upper back fat with large stomach
    • Causes: Physical inactivity is the major cause of this condition.
    • How to get rid of it:
      • Reduce the level of blood sugar and cut down on meal size.
      • Consume fiber rich food to improve metabolism and have a sound sleep to relax body and mind.

Gynoid and android pattern fat distribution are observed mainly in men and women respectively, but it may be present the other way round as well. The key to a healthy body is a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and proper rest.

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