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Basic Health Issues Faced By Women

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Dr.Meeta Airen 91% (718ratings)
MBBS, DNB (Obstetrics and Gynecology), MNAMS, Training In USG
Gynaecologist, Delhi  •  23years experience
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Hello friends,

I am Dr. Meeta Airen. I am an obstetrician and a gynaecologist. Today I am going to discuss some basic problems which usually women face and they feel shy to discuss with anyone. These problems they are related to their vaginal health and the first and foremost thing I just want to discuss is the maintenance of vaginal hygiene. Most of the women are unaware of how to maintain vaginal hygiene. In this respect, I would tell you that the vagina is having numerous good bacteria which maintains the acidic vaginal ph and they keep the harmful bacteria away and prevent infection. For maintaining this you should wash the vaginal area once or twice daily with clean water or plain soap. And regarding pubic hair, you should rather than waxing or shaving you should preferably do clipping of the hairs and as waxing or shaving results in cuts abrasions and in growing hairs and create the problem for you. During periods you should change the sanitary napkins every four to five hourly because if you keep more than this timing the bacteria starts growing and it may result in infection.

The other unawareness is how to decide whether menstrual cycle is normal or it is abnormal. So normal menstrual cycle constitutes cycle length between 25 to 35 days and bleeding continues for about 3 to 7 days. Anything which is other than this duration is considered abnormal and it should be and it should warn the visit to a gynecologist. Friends in this scenario of increasing rates of cancer you should be very vigilant for your health specially regarding breast cancer and cervical cancer and you should be doing regular screening regarding these 2 cancers. For breast cancer screening you should do self breast examination monthly and if you find any lump any other abnormality in the breast you should visit a gynecologist. Then regarding cervical cancer screening this cancer screening should be done by all the women who are sexually active till the age of 65 years and it should be done every 3 yearly.

This cancer screening is done by doing Pap smears testing which is done on OPD basis and it is a small procedure and it is usually available in various gynecologists’ clinics. Nowadays cervical cancer vaccine is also available which should be given to all the girls more than 9 years of age. It is given it is better to give as early as possible to the girls before they becomes sexually active. There are 2 important conditions which are nowadays becoming prevalent in the society one is PCOD and infertility. These 2 topics I want to discuss with you all because incidents of these 2 are increasing nowadays. PCOD you might have hard in some of the other areas.

It is Polycystic Ovarian Disease. Incidents of PCOD is increasing in young females and ladies and the reason behind this increase is certainty lifestyle then lack of exercise and binging on unhealthy junk food. This condition PCOD is a small problem but it may result in some serious complications in your body like it may initially result in irregular menses and then later on it may create metabolic syndrome in your body which create further more complications and it further results it may results in infertility also. There are some natural remedies which clears PCOD and these natural remedies are exercising regularly switching to the healthier food as compared to the junk food.

By doing this in some conditions medicines are also required but along with the medications if you do the natural remedies the condition can be cured. The last condition which I want to discuss is infertility. In the present scenario in the society there is increased incidents of infertility among the couples. The reason behind this increased incidents is one the couple are the young generation is delaying their marriages and conception. The other reason which is seen relating to infertility is the excessive exposure of cell phone radiations which is present everywhere in the society. How this increasing age results in infertility is that in female’s body after the age of 30 the egg reserve and the quality of eggs it reduces which is the main culprit for reducing fertility after the age of 30. And cell phone radiations are also harming the fertility of girls and boys. There are various studies going on however conclusive studies have not been there but many studies are indicative of the effect of radio frequency waves on the fertility of males and in females. Do dear friends hope this top of mind will help you in some way.

Take care of your health. Thanks!

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