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Bad Breath

Dr. Premendra Goyal 93% (828 ratings)
Dentist, Mumbai  •  27 years experience
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Hi friends, this is Dr Goyal from Mumbai, I am a dentist. I am here to talk about the most complicated topic which is the least discussed topic in dentistry is bad breath.

Studies have shown that more than 50% of people suffer from bad breath at some or the other time in their life. Bad breath as we in our language call Halitosis, can be because of a barrage of reasons there can be a lot of reasons for bad breath something like bacteria which are there in our mouth, they are there in the mouth always. When we feed them with a lot of food stuff which we don’t clean from our mouth they eat up that food causing a lot of bad breath, the second can be dry mouth which may happen because of dehydration certain medicines or some other reasons which are not letting you saliva form. Gum disease can form a lot of bad breath. There is certain food stuff which can cause bad breath, something like garlic onions they can give you bad breath, some unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, tobacco chewing can cause a lot of trouble. Then there are systemic diseases which can lead to bad breath, the systemic diseases may be something like diabetes, sinusitis or gastro oesophagal reflux which can lead to bad breath.

Now that we know what causes bad breath let us try and understand how we can control this bad breath. First and foremost comes to the healthy habit of keeping our mouth clean after eating anything after consuming anything we need to clean our mouth, brushing after every meal may not be possible it is recommended but not possible many times, at least rinse your mouth forcefully to remove all your food stuff. In case you notice your gums bleeding or any other problem developing in your mouth please visit your dentist who can rectify the problem at the earliest. Get rid of bad habits like smoking tobacco chewing which will cause many other complicated problems other than bad breath. If your dentist finds that your bad breath is not controlled even after you have a healthy mouth he may suggest you a medical opinion where in your systemic problems can be diagnosed and treated by your physicians. Keep the saliva flowing always keep consuming small sips of water throughout the day to stop your mouth from drying, you can consume healthy foods like carrots, cucumbers of and on throughout the day which will help you produce more and more saliva, which will keep your mouth clean and let you avoid bad breath.

I hope this video helps you in taking care of bad breath.

Thank you very much for more information you can contact us via lybrate.

Thank you.

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