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Ayurvedic Detox - This Is How To Get Started!

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Ayurvedic Detox - This Is How To Get Started!

According to the Ayurvedic lifestyle, cleansing is an important part. This process of cleansing oneself is known as detoxification. Our environment makes us susceptible to several toxins and we further indulge in processed food which we colloquially call junk food. Our lifestyle has become too full of stress. In the midst of all these, often it becomes necessary to clean the accumulated waste. As detox helps in improving our digestive and immune system and makes our metabolism function well, it need not be emphasised more about detoxification at regular intervals.

Energy, vitality, and enthusiasm have become quite uncommon in today’s life where the pace has become very fast to cope up with. Detoxification will help induce sleep and have a balanced sleep cycle. There is not much to do but contribute as less as three days only but make sure that you start your detox on Friday so that you get 2 off days as undergoing this process in the middle of the week might trigger disturbances in one's day-to-day routine. Another thing to make sure of is that all the supplies needed for the process are gathered way before the detox is begun. This would ensure that one need not run off to shops to get things that were forgotten to be bought.

The Diet
The diet is a rather simple one with whole grains like oatmeal or any simple carbohydrate and tea. Triphala can be consumed before going to bed. If one is in the habit of consuming caffeine, tobacco, drugs, and the sorts then this process will help in eliminating the usage.

Also, Ayurveda insists in getting plenty of water and enough detoxifying drinks like amla juice, lemon green tea, aloe vera juice. The food that is consumed during detoxification is those that can be easily digested so that it strengthens the metabolic fire or the ‘agni’. Diet in detox is crucial as it helps in cleansing the whole body.

Detoxification is one of the major health benefits of green tea. Green tea detox is showcased as a straight method to flush out free radicals, help with vitality levels and takes care of better wellbeing. It is nothing but adding 3-4 cups of green tea to your daily diet. By doing this you can detoxify your body.

The Routine
A perfectly scheduled routine must be followed during the detoxification process. Early to rise and early to bed is the first major point because if this is not followed then sleep might be imbalanced which might hamper the process.

To have a clean and healthy digestive system drinking water in the morning is suggested. Simple morning exercise soothes one's body and relaxes. Have your bath before having your breakfast so that you get ample time in hand and do not have to rush.

Meditation is the next best thing that can be indulged in during this time. Stay away from the mobile phones and be unsocial for three days.

Though we often detox on our own, that is toxins are flushed off from our body on its own but it is not effective most of the time considering the pollution and stress and food habits that we go through. Thus, a detoxification process is required to regain our health, vitality and rejuvenating ourselves for a healthier life and a balanced ‘agni’.


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