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Ayurveda and Stomach Pain

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Ayurveda and Stomach Pain

One of the most common health complaints that many of us face at various points of our lives is stomach ache. Stomach ache stems from multiple reasons, ranging from indigestion and gastric imbalances to cramps of some sorts. Stomach ache can cause a lot of discomfort and agitation and it usually calls for immediate respite. Most prominent causes of stomach pains are related to digestive troubles and therefore the remedy should be directed at rectifying that.

While the market is flooded with all sorts of antidotes for stomach ailment and digestive system issues, they more often than not simply provide temporary relief and does nothing long term per se. In that regard, Ayurveda can prove extremely beneficial because it purifies the system from within and provides a lasting cure to disorders, such as stomach pains. Ayurveda uses natural constituents for remedying such illnesses without inflicting any side effect. You can also take the package for and Disease and Condition.

Some of the most effective Ayurvedic tips to cure stomach pains has been given below:

  1. Pomegranate Seeds: Pomegranate is endowed with purifying properties. It can prove really helpful in pacifying abdominal or stomach pains when mixed with black salt and pepper corns.
  2. Nutmeg oil: Abdominal pains are intricately related to gastric troubles. Therefore, in order to cure the germ of such pains, Ayurveda recommends the regular consumption of nutmeg oil mixed with sugar. This accords one with relief from cramps.
  3. Clove and warm water solution: Boiling about 8-10 cloves in water and consuming this warm water solution has proven really beneficial for those suffering from abdominal pain.
  4. Molasses: As a more prolonged practice, Ayurveda suggests the intake of molasses after every meal to cure gastric troubles. This results in eventual reduction in the stomach pains.
  5. Ginger and lemon extract: Blending lemon extract with ginger extract is a reliable ayurvedic therapy to cure stomach disorders and soothe abdominal pains.
  6. Celery solution: One of the most vouched for ayurvedic therapies for stomach ache is a solution made of roasted celery and lukewarm water. It goes a long way in detoxifying your system and curing all sorts of stomach ailments.

If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a specilized ayurveda and ask a free question.

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