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Asthma - Gendered Susceptibility And Prevention Of Attacks!

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Asthma - Gendered Susceptibility And Prevention Of Attacks!

All human beings breathe, that is how they live. Asthma is when the one thing that happens automatically for your sustenance decides to drop the ball. Asthma is the most common pulmonary disease that has people feeling breathless left right and the centre. It occurs when the trachea becomes constricted and the passage for the flow of air decreases dramatically thereby leaving people out of breath and wheezing, for they are unable to breathe. The bronchial tubes that help you breathe protest when you exert them and in turn close up so that you are unable to keep working or breathing properly. The lungs too get inflamed and participate in this ordeal.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for asthma, that being said, females are more prone to asthma than males and that makes females doubly unlucky. Asthma is a combination of genetic inheritance and environmental factors and more likely to occur in women because hormones are involved in the aggravation or retardation of asthma attacks.

Testosterone increases in men as they hit puberty and testosterone has been studied and it shows a particular quality that makes one immune to asthma. Women, on the other hand, have a healthy dose of a particular kind of immune cells that make them prone to asthma. These cells make proteins that lead to a mucus build up and inflamed lungs and causes wheezing along with the loss of breath. This is a huge breakthrough discovery in the field of medicine particularly for this disease since there is no discernible cure for asthma. Administering testosterone cannot be used as a line of treatment because hormone treatment is not a cakewalk but this finding can help make asthma treatments more precise and targeted.

Notwithstanding all that has been discussed above, asthma is a serious deterrent in your daily activities and once you start suffering from it, it is highly unlikely you can ever live without it, so here are a few quick steps to prevent an asthma attack:

  1. Inhalers: Obviously carry your emergency inhalers at all costs, you never know what can trigger an asthmatic attack, it could be physical activities, your surroundings, pollution or smoke thus best be prepared. Albuterol containing medication can be used for quick relief.
  2. Cleaning homes: Keep your house and living environment clean, devoid of dust and any other allergens that may trigger your attacks. Identify your triggers and stay clear of them. Cockroaches also spread allergens into the home environment. Try and eliminate all possible hideouts and seal any open pipes. If you are hit by an attack get away from the inducer and look for an air-conditioned room with clean air.
  3. Deep breathing: Regulate your breathing by sitting down and staying calm. Taking deep breaths will help open up constricted passage-ways by inducing a normal pattern. Since attacks occur due to mucous build-up, consider drinking a hot beverage that will help open up your airway and breathe easy.

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