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Arthritis Pain In Hands - 8 Exercises That Can Help You!

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Arthritis Pain In Hands - 8 Exercises That Can Help You!

Arthritis is a type of pain in your bones and joints. It is mostly caused over the age when your joints and bones start to grow weaker. In some cases, it is likely to happen earlier as well. However, there are certain ways with which you can cure the arthritis pain.

There are some exercises that can help you reduce the pain and improve your range of motion. Before you start up with your exercise, soak your hands in a warm bowl of water as it reduces the amount of stress in the joints. Here are a few exercises:

  1. Make a fist: Making a fist with your fingers can help you improve the stretching capacity and flexibility of your bones. Try to stretch till the point where you start to feel the tightness. You will not feel any kind of pain. However, your goal is to get rid of the tightness step-by-step. Remember to wrap your thumb around the fingers as you do so.
  2. Stretch your fingers: You need to try this stretch in order to improve the movement and the range in which your fingers move. Place your hand on a flat surface with your palm down. Now straighten your fingers as far and as flat as you can without putting any force on your joints to do so. Repeat this procedure 10 to 15 times in two sets.
  3. Claw stretch: Hold out your hand in front of yourself with the palm facing you and bend the tips of your fingers down so that they touch the base of each finger joint. Your hand should be looking like a claw while you do this exercise.
  4. Strengthen the grip: This exercise makes it easier for you to open bottles, doorknobs and hold things properly without being afraid of dropping them. Take your palm and make a soft fist then squeeze it as hard as possible. Now hold it for a few seconds and release.
  5. Strengthen the pinch: This exercise makes your finger muscles stronger. It can help you in your daily chores like opening food packets and turning the keys. All you need to do is try and pinch a soft ball made of foam with the tip of your fingers. Now hold this position for about 30 to 60 seconds and then let go. Repeat this five to six times.
  6. Finger lift: This helps increase the flexibility in your fingers. Place your hand flat on a table and then lift one finger at a time. Repeat this 10 times.
  7. Thumb extension: Strengthening thumb muscles helps you lift heavy things. Wrap a rubber band around at the base of your finger joints and place it flat on a table. Now gently try to pull your thumb away from the rest of the fingers.
  8. Flex your thumb: Place your palm up with the hand in front of you. Stretch the thumb away from the rest of the hand. Then bend it across the palm so that it touches the base of your little finger. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Pain Management Specialist.
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