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Are You At The Risk Of Developing Diabetes?

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Dr. Hanish Gupta 92% (1994 ratings)
MBBS, DNB (General Medicine)
General Physician, Delhi  •  17 years experience
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Hello friends!

My name is Dr. Hanish Gupta. I am physician in Delhi. Primarily my practice is hovering around diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. I am an expert in diabetes and today I want to talk with you about a very important topic which is becoming the talk of the town and lot of my patients have questions regarding it and the topic is about Prediabetics. Well I would like to explain to you what exactly Prediabetes is. As the name explains on itself Prediabetes is the precursor stage of diabetes or the stage of the body when diabetes is becoming a reality but the patient is not yet there and hasn't become a diabetic as yet.

Now Prediabetes is set on a diagnostic criteria and as per WHO, the diagnostic criteria is that anybody who doesn't qualify to be a diabetic meaning by which hasn't got a fasting blood sugar greater than 126 but but has got a fasting blood sugar greater than 110 then that person is in the stage when diabetes may become a reality for that patient in the years to come. So bahut sare patients ko aisa lagta hai kya diabetics ke pehle mujhe pata chal sakta tha ki mujhe diabetes hone wali hai ya nahi?

Prediabetes woh stage hai, woh padhav hai zindagi ka jahan par agar aap alert hai aur aap ko pata hai ki meri blood sugar 110 or 126 ke beech mein aa chuki hai at the time of fasting then you have to take measures to delay the stage or to make such lifestyle changes such that diabetes doesn't become a reality for you. Aur in sab cheezo ke liye sabse achi baat ye hai ki aap ko dawaiyon ki avashyakta nahi hai. Aapko Prediabetes ki stage ko kabhi zindagi mei diabetes ki stage na ban jaye iske liye aapko dawa ki jarurat nahi balki lifestyle modification jiske andar exercise or diet ka sabse ahem role hai unn chizon ki aavshyakta hai. So if you make dietary changes in which you stop taking artificial sugars, very high carbohydrate diet, stop taking fatty food and at the same time start accustoming your body for right amount of aerobic exercises on a daily basis then you can make a possibility of diabetes a near avoidance for you forever.

Kaun zindagi mein diabetes ke sath mei joojhna chahta hai? Koi nahi chahta ki diabetes usko ho jaye. Aur aise patients jinke mata pita ko ya bhai behno ko diabetes ho chuki hai unke liye apne aapko Prediabetes screening karane ka pura pura alertness hona chahiye. Unko sochna chahiye ki agar hame diabetes ho gayi toh hame zindagi bhar dawai khani padegi, hame zindagi bhar unn sabhi complications ke saath deal karna padega jo 1 Diabetes ke patient ko karna hota hai. So if you want to remain healthy screen yourself for Prediabetes today and you will save yourself from Diabetes forever in your life. You can tag me, you can talk to me and you can always reach out for me at my Mayur Vihar clinic or at Lybrate which is my online platform for your help forever.

Thanks so much for watching!

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