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Ayurvedic Treatment for Allergic Bronchitis - Ayurvedic Remedies

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Allergic Bronchitis - Ayurvedic Remedies

A respiratory disorder, the inflammation of the lining in the bronchial tubes, which are responsible for carrying air to and from your lungs is known as bronchitis. Allergic bronchitis is a disorder that develops if you have severe allergies which results in a bronchial immune system reaction.

Allergic Bronchitis Ayurvedic Treatment

Allergic Bronchitis requires medical diagnosis by your healthcare provider who can differentiate the allergic form of bronchitis from the normal form of bronchitis by searching for other symptoms related to the allergy. Allergic bronchitis often occurs due to seasonal allergies, making it an acute condition.

If you are suffering from lingering bronchitis issues caused due to allergies, an allergy test is recommended so that the doctor can accurately assess the condition.

Symptoms of Allergic Bronchitis

The symptoms of allergic bronchitis are similar to the regular form of bronchitis. The only difference is that the symptoms are triggered by allergies. Some of the symptoms are given below:

  1. Cough which may form mucus
  2. Body aches and breathlessness
  3. Headaches, blocked nose, and sinuses
  4. Fever with chills
  5. Wheezing

Over the years, Ayurvedic practitioners have prepared and prescribed a number of ayurvedic remedies that can address the issue of allergic bronchitis.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Allergic Bronchitis

Below listed ayurvedic remedies for allergic bronchitis should be taken 3 times in a day for quick relief:

  1. 2 grams of Shringyadi Churna should be taken along with 100 mg of Kaphachintamani and Kaphaketu.
  2. Talisadi churna should be mixed with honey and ginger juice.
  3. 2 grams of Sitopaladi Churna should be mixed with 200 mg of Praval Pisthi as well as 100 mg of Rasa Sindur.
  4. Haridra Khand (one spoon) should be taken along with a cup of warm milk.

Natural Remedies for Allergic Bronchitis in Ayurveda 

  1. Haldi (turmeric powder) mixed with a glass of milk
  2. Juice of Vasa
  3. Tulsi (Basil leaves ground to make a juice)
  4. Equal quantity of black pepper dried ginger and long pepper (piper longum) mixed with honey

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