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All About Tonsillits!

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All About Tonsillits!

Tonsillitis:- infectious and inflammatory condition of tonsils is termed as tonsillitis.
Causative organisms:- staphylococcus, streptococcus, pneumococcus and e-coli.

Types of Tonsillitis:- 
1. Acute tonsillitis- inflammation of tonsils by the infection caused by causative organism.
2. Chronic tonsillitis- recurrent attacks of acute tonsillitis can cause chronic tonsillitis. 

▪often affects children, adults are less affected.
▪chronic infection in sinusitis or teeth may be the predisposing factors of chronic tonsillitis.

Signs and Symptoms:-
▪sore throat.
▪difficulty in swallowing.
▪fever-38 to 40°c, with chills and rigor. 
▪body ache.
▪tonsils may show varying degree of enlargement.
▪often the breadth is foetid, and tongue is coasted.
▪tonsils are red and swollen with yellowish spots of purulent material presenting at the opening of crypts. 
▪the jugulodigastric lymph nodes are enlarged and tender.
▪flushing of anterior pillars compared to the rest of phrangeal mucosa is an important sign.

General treatment:-

  • bed rest and encouraged the patient to take plenty of fluids.
  • attention to general health, diet.
  • treatment of co-exist infection of teeth, nose and sinusitis.
  • tonsillectomy if needed. 

Homoeopathic treatment:-

  • Baryta carb- every cold settles in throat, smarting in throat when swallowing. Throat is sore to touch. Tonsils enlarge and prone to suppurates, especially on right side. Bell- tonsillitis, worse on right side. Great dryness in throat with redness and burning. Feels constricted during swallowing. 
  • Calc. Fluor- follicular sore throat, plugs of mucous are continually forming in the crypts of the tonsils. Pain and burning in the throat better by warm drinks and worse by cold drinks.
  • Hepar sulph- passive and constricted sensation in the throat. Stiches in the throat which extend to ear. Smarting soreness in throat, worse on swallowing. Sensation as if fish bone or splincter were sticking in the throat. 
  • Lechesis- soreness, dryness and constriction in throat. Dark purple appearance of membrane. Throat seems large lump has settled over there. Liquid is more painful than solid. Thrpat is sensitive to touch. 
  • Psorinum- in chronic tonsillitis. Cutting and tearing pain especially when swallowing. Aggravate from cold air cold food and drink. Ameliorate by warm application and covering. Offensive saliva and taugh mucus in throat.
  • Phytolacca- sensation of lump, dark, red, ash-coloured appearance of throat, great pain in root of tongue, pain shoots from throat into ears on swallowing. Pain is shifting in nature. Tonsils are ulcerated and swollen. Sore throat.
  • Few other homoeopathic remedies are- puls, bry, syphilinum, nat sulph. Etc.
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