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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

All About Scar Removal Treatment

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Dr. Amit VarmaDermatologist • 24 Years Exp.MD - MD- Skin & VD, MBBS
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Who wouldn't want a seamless, spot free skin without having to undergo the trouble of enduring the endless assails by ointments, creams, oils and what not. Rashes, burns, abscesses, injuries, wounds, keloids and other skin traumas make the skin unsightly and rather troublesome. While skin eruptions like acnes and pimples are related to the hormonal balances in the body and the blood circulation, there are other skin blotches, which are caused due to external factors. For the formers, blood purifying medicines or palliative creams often abate the same significantly.

However, for the latter group of scars, specific treatments need to be meted out. A large variety of treatments are available for this purpose, however it is wise to first infer the nature and the source of the scar before adopting a given curative method. One practice that one needs to be mindful of is that the scars must be allowed to heal before being treated with any remedial procedures. While a large number of products and medical procedures are available for minimizing the scars, one needs to be discrete while choosing a particular product. Some of the common tactics of reducing or removing scars have been enlisted below.

  1. Silicone based ointments: Silicone is laden with skin healing properties and is extremely effective as an antioxidant. Thus silicone based ointments, gels or serums can prove advantageous for mitigating scars. One must use it for a prolonged period of time while at the same time taking adequate care to protect the scar from sunrays using SPF based sunscreen. 
  2. Laser treatments: On certain occasions, one may need more than gels or creams to cure the scars. In that regard, there are a large array of surgical procedures available for grappling with specific types of skin ailments. These are most effective on indented scars. Dermal fillers, fraxels and fat grafting are skin treatment methodologies which can effectively remove scars and rejuvenate the skin. 
  3. Letting the wounds breathe: Since a lot of wounds have an occlusive texture, piling them up with creams, oils and capsules often block the wounds and deter their healing process. Therefore, it helps to use a gentle cleanser to clean the affected area and letting air to circulate freely.