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8 Quick Ways To Sharpen Your Brain!

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8 Quick Ways To Sharpen Your Brain!

As stress and unhealthy lifestyle take a toll on your mind, are you concerned about keeping your brain sharp in order to excel? Well here are simple tips that would enhance your brain power to its zenith.

  1. Practice meditation and yogaChronic anxiety can wreak havoc on your brain. Thus, deep breathing exercises such as meditation or yoga is the need of the hour for a more focused and calmer brain and mind.
  2. Train your brain: Engage in exercises that constantly pose a challenge to your intellectual capacities. A board of chess with your best friend, board games that challenge one’s cognitive functions, juggling or learning a new language can, in more ways than one, get the best out of your brain, increasing the brain’s functioning capacities. Get out of the comfort zone of your and explore something new.
  3. Exercise: A regular session of physical or aerobic exercises helps in enhancing your heart rate, thus pumping more oxygen supply to the brain. Exercises also help you sharpen your memory and other cognitive functions.
  4. Avoid excess intake of sugar: Sugar can be detrimental to your brain, inducing stress, inflammation and poor regulation of insulin.
  5. Foods: Anti-oxidant rich foods such as berries, vegetables such as spinach, carrots and beverages such as coffee, red wine or tea can work towards nourishing your brain and boosting your memory; learning and performance.
  6. Sleep: Sufficient sleep is also required to stimulate your brain and the ability to communicate or think clearly.
  7. Avoid alcohol: You are born with a specific number of brain cells. So it is not a good idea to kill them by drinking excessively.
  8. Visualization: Practice visualization techniques to work on the ‘selective memory’ power of your brain. Visualizing helps your brain recover and retain all information you want to. Associate events with phrases, words or images that would automatically help you recall past events.

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