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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

7 Ways to Get Rid of Mouth Sores

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Dr. Premendra GoyalDentist • 33 Years Exp.BDS
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One of the irritating conditions that can affect the mouth of a person is sores, which can be quite painful. These sores can affect anyone of any age group or gender. Sores may make it difficult for a person to eat, speak or even swallow. Here are a few ways through which you can get rid of mouth sores quickly or at least alleviate the symptoms to lessen the pain:

1. Topical Products - There are various types of creams and lotions which are available in the market as over the counter drugs for treating or at least lessening the symptoms of mouth sores. Some of the common chemicals used to treat the sores are Fluocinonide, Benzocaine and Hydrogen peroxide.

2. Food and nutritional supplements - In many cases the sores are caused within the body due to deficiency of nutrients such as Zinc, Vitamin B12 or B6 and the doctor may prescribe special medications to supplement the need for those within the body.

3. Rinses - Certain special types of oral rinses are prescribed by the doctors when treating mouth sores. Most of the rinses prescribed by the doctors have a steroid, namely dexamethasone, which proves to be effective in the treatment of mouth sores.

4. Cauterizing or destroying sores - In certain cases where topical or oral treatments haven't worked it may be necessary to correct it by cauterizing or using a special device to burn and destroy the sore so that new tissues can grow in its place.

5. Oral medications - Certain oral medications may be prescribed for sores which are caused due to underlying physical conditions such as ulcers.

6. Avoiding spicy food - Spicy foods are also a leading cause for canker sores as it may cause chemical imbalances within the stomach as well as inside the mouth and hence should be avoided as much as possible.

7. Improving general oral hygiene - Regular brushing, flossing, and proper oral care will definitely reduce the chances of getting oral sores.

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