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6 Reasons Why You Must Be Eating Your Greens!

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Dt. Apeksha Thakkar 91% (7840 ratings)
BSc - Food Science & Nutrition, PGD in Sports Nutrition and Dietitics , Diabetes Educator, Translational Nutrigenomics
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  15 years experience
6 Reasons Why You Must Be Eating Your Greens!

Vegetables, especially leafy greens are an essential part of your diet and should be a major constituent of your meals. However, the modern lifestyle has severely derailed the balance in a meal and vegetables, especially greens have been reduced and replaced via processed meats and sugar. This has contributed to a steep rise in many heart and blood disorders, among many other ailments.

Some of the reasons why you should be eating more greens are mentioned below.

  1. Greens help you see better: Leafy greens have been known to improve vision since a long time and thus doctors have always recommended the inclusion of more green leafy vegetables in your diet. Certain greens such as kale and spinach contain carotenoids that protect your eye against damage from high energy light particles. They can also fight the formation of early cataracts and improve depth of vision as well.
  2. They balance good and bad cholesterol: Green leafy vegetables are possibly the best way to control cholesterol levels within your body naturally. Liver processes fat which determines how much cholesterol gets retained within the body. Green vegetables help the liver use up fat better, thus regulating cholesterol levels within the body.
  3. Help burn carbs more effectively within the body: Green vegetables contain vitamins which are very effective in burning carbohydrates within the body. This vitamin helps convert carbohydrates into glucose so that the body can use it as a form of fuel.
  4. Prevent cancer: Green vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli along with Kale have shown effective anti-cancer properties in various studies. Green vegetables especially are effective in curtailing the development of colorectal cancers and thus doctors advise for the consumption of generous amounts of these.
  5. They are great for your bones: Vegetables such as spinach and kale have high quantities of calcium which are required for your bones, especially if you are woman and over 50 years of age. Although vegetables alone can’t provide the required amount of calcium for your body, they can help you get close to the requirement along with the other added benefits they provide.
  6. Keep you looking and feeling younger: Vitamin K, primarily found in green vegetables, helps in the clotting of blood and also regulates other functions within the body. If you don’t have enough of Vitamin K within your body, it might lead to heart health problems, loss of bone density, loss of elasticity in your skin among many other things. Eating a cup of green vegetables will help reduce all these symptoms and ensure that you look young from the outside and feel young from the inside as well.
  7. They help in Liver cleansing by initiating the process of detoxification
  8. They help in keeping your kidney and blood parameters healthy. 
  9. They make an ideal snack for the weight losers,as they are high in water content contributing to fewer calories. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!
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