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Last Updated: Oct 23, 2019

5 Unexpected Reasons Why You Might Be Losing Your Hair!

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Dr. Ganesh AvhadDermatologist • 15 Years Exp.MD, DNB, FIDP, FIL
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5 Unexpected Triggers of Hair Fall

Your genes may be the most common triggers of hair fall, but in certain cases hair fall can be triggered by a host of other reasons you wouldn’t have thought about. Sometimes these reasons can range from being simple and temporary (lack of essential nutrients in your diet for example) to something more complex and indicative of an underlying health problem. Read on...

1. Brushing wet hair

Detangling wet hair (easy at it may seem) is probably one of the most common triggers of hair fall. Wet hair is extremely delicate, and brushing wet hair causes the strands to break, leading to excessive hair fall. Repeatedly doing so can cause your hair to become thinner over time, which may result in visibly less hair on your scalp.

2. Food poisoning

Food poisoning can cause an abnormality in your blood circulation, which, as a result, can lead your hair to prematurely enter into a shedding phase. The hair loss that takes place due to this reason is known as ‘diffuse hair loss.’ This type of hair loss usually lasts for a period of 3 months, after which, the hair follicles are replaced by new ones. Hair fall caused by food poisoning is only temporary, and is corrected on its own with time.

3. Car crashes or any other traumatic events

When you go through a car crash or any other traumatic incidence for that matter (divorce, death in the family etc), you may experience an extreme form of shock. This can lead to the development of small bald patches on your head, which is known as Telogen Effluvium. Usually, trauma triggers an autoimmune reaction, because of which the white blood cells attack the hair bulb. This causes the hair bulb to enter into the resting phase, which leads to mildly painful hair loss in particular patches. This type of hair fall is reversible.

4. Food allergies

Different foods (such as dairy, wheat, soy etc) can cause allergies in different people. Such an allergic reaction can cause your immune system to react violently, consequently making your immune system send signals throughout your body to ward off attacks. This, in very rare cases, can give rise to the condition of Alopecia Areata, as your immune system detects the growth of your hair as foreign attack and sends off signals to destroy hair follicles. This type of hair fall ceases once you stop consuming food(s) you’re allergic to.

5. General Anaesthesia and Surgery

Hair fall triggered by general anaesthesia and a major surgery usually shows up 3 months after the surgery has taken place. The combination of general anaesthesia and a major surgery can put your body under heavy physical stress, which can cause alterations in the life cycles of the hairs on your scalp, consequently leading to excessive hair fall. Hair fall caused by this reason is temporary too, and usually your hair will grow back over time.
Now that you know about the possible triggers of hair fall, you may be in a better position to control your condition and prevent your hair from falling out. 


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