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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

5 Skincare Tips You Should Follow Regularly

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Dr. Gaurav GargDermatologist • 17 Years Exp.Fellow In Dermato - Surgery, Fellow In Hair Transplant Surgery, MD - Dermatology, MBBS
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Skin is the first and foremost organ exposed to the onslaught of a variety of germs and bacteria. Your skin fights against these germs to keep you safe and healthy. Thus, skincare should not be treated as an element of vanity. A skincare regimen is something essential for your overall wellness.

Ways you should adopt to take care of your skin on a daily basis:

  1. Dry skin should be kept safe from harsh face washes: Face washes have a milder effect as compared to soaps, but they surely aren't good for the health of your skin. Skin, especially that on your face, is delicate. To retain its natural glow and nourishment, care should be taken to maintain its natural oils and nutrients. Washing your face repeatedly with harsh face washes can make your skin dull and rough. If you have a dry skin, you should be extra careful to retain the natural oils of your skin and hence should stay away from soaps or face washes.
  2. A skin with large pores should be exfoliated frequently: Skin with large, open pores is usually oily. Excess oil can lead to several other problems like acne, pimples or skin pigmentation. Such kind of skin should therefore be exfoliated and toned as part of a person's daily routine. Exfoliation rids your skin of dead cells, which on continued accumulation, can lead to infections. However, toning helps in tightening your skin.
  3. Sunscreens should be used irrespective of the prevailing weather: Whether it is sunny or cloudy outside, sunscreens are a must. You should never venture outdoors without applying sunscreen on the bare parts of your body. Sunscreen lotions are known to prevent you from the harmful UV rays of the sun that can subject you to the threat of skin cancer. It is absolutely necessary to apply these lotions generously and at least twenty minutes before a person goes outside.
  4. Hydration is the best suited way to have a healthy skin: When it comes to the look and well-being of your skin, hydration is indeed important. Drinking plenty of water and fruit juices can keep your skin moisturized naturally. Make sure you include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.
  5. Settle for herbal or natural face packs: Herbal or natural face packs run from a lower propensity to react with your original skin type. This helps you to avoid chances of contracting acne or any other kind of fungal or bacterial infection. You should make efforts to grind turmeric at home to apply it on your face instead of buying a readymade pack. This way, you steer clear of chemical substances and their disadvantages.
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