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5 Reasons Sex Can Be Beneficial To Your Health!

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5 Reasons Sex Can Be Beneficial To Your Health!

It might be surprising for many to know that sex, along with pleasure, can offer several benefits as well. Sleeplessness, stress, weight gain, and heart problems are a few of the many conditions that find relief with regular sex.

Yes, making love can do wonders for your health, in various ways. Sex is a part of life that people usually relate to pleasure and intimacy, both physical and emotional. Here is an account of the health benefits sex can offer you-

1. Boosts the immune system
Studies have shown sex to be extremely effective in increasing the production of immunity-boosting IgA or antibody immunoglobulin A. Increased levels of IgA results in boosting the immunity power of the body as it makes the body stronger against infections and illnesses.

2. Improves the heart health
Regular sex can not only boost the health of your heart but can also prevent risks of heart attacks. In both men and women, engaging in sex can be a great form of cardiovascular exercise that can reduce the risks of hypertension, stroke, and heart-related diseases. Sex is considered to be an effective way of burning calories which is certainly beneficial to not only your heart but to your overall health.

3. Lowers blood pressure and manages stress
From lowering the blood pressure to relieving one from stress and anxiety, sex can be healthy in various different ways. Sex is responsible for increasing certain hormone levels in the body, such as endorphin which helps in creating a good mood and relieving stress. Even when under stress, sex has a significant role to play in preventing the blood pressure from rising up.

4. Ensure better sleep
Sound sleep leads to sound health. And various studies have shown that once orgasm is achieved, certain hormones are released that can make one feel relaxed and sleepy. Therefore, having a satisfying session of sex can help you achieve uninterrupted sleep. And when the sleep you have is an undisturbed and profound one, waking up next will naturally be a refreshing experience with energetic feelings.

5. Improves bladder control
In women, regular sex helps in strengthening the pelvic floor. And a strong pelvic floor is necessary for reducing the risks of incontinence, contractions, etc. So, in a way, sex helps in improving women's control over the bladder. Plus, a strong pelvic floor can also be beneficial in reducing the chance of vaginal prolapse and making the penetration less painful during sex.

In case you experience any sexual issues that prevent you from enjoying the experience with your partner, it is advised to opt for immediate medical attention. Consult with a sexologist if need be, as sex is an integral part of not only the reproduction process but also the overall health.

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