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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

5 FAQs About Dry Skin!

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Dr. Atul Kumar AgarwalDermatologist • 33 Years Exp.Diploma In Venerology & Dermatology (DVD)
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Everyone dreams of having a flawless and smooth looking skin but it is not just the looks that are impacted if the skin rough and cracked, it is also your skin health. There are many skin issues which people suffer from, dry skin being the commonest of all. Read on to know more about the condition.

Ques 1 - What is dry skin?
Rough, dry, red patches on the skin which are usually itchy can be termed as dry skin. Dry skin is medically known as xeroderma.

Ques 2 - What are the causes of dry skin?
Though long hot showers and seasonal changes are the main causes of dry skin. There are other factors which may lead to dry skin such as indoor heating, frequent hand washing, lack of moisturizing, dehydration, licking your lips and unhealthy eating habits.

A hot shower with some harsh soap washes out the amino acids, salts and oils from your body that are responsible for your skin’s natural moisture protection barrier. This makes the skin lose its ability to hang on to water and stay hydrated.

Ques 3 - What are the main symptoms of dry skin?
Itching is the most annoying and noticeable symptom of dry skin. As your skin gets drier, the itching becomes worse. This leads to the ‘itch-scratch’ cycle where you constantly scratch to get rid of the itch and it just causes more itching. Scaling and cracking of the skin are the other common symptoms. The cracking may be severe in some cases leading to bleeding.

Ques 4 - How do you treat dry skin?
The best way to handle dry skin is to be nice to your skin. Here are some tips that can help manage dry skin effectually.

  • Moisturise - Moisturizing is one of the best treatments for managing dry skin. No matter what the season is, you need to ensure that you use a proper moisturizer after a shower or after even washing your hands. Coconut oil is also a great substitute for a moisturizer.
  • Use mild soaps - Most shower gels and soap now days are loaded with harsh chemicals. You should opt for milder soaps or go for the organic and natural shower gels to avoid the problem of dry skin. Excessive use of soaps and cleansers can also lead to dry skin.
  • Avoid extreme weather conditions - Extreme hot or cold can both have an adverse effect on the skin resulting in acne breakouts, itchy skin, rashes, bumps and dry patches.

Ques 5 - What are the most common areas of dry skin?
Your legs are the first to get affected. Dry skin is commonly seen on the hands and forearms as well. Although all parts of the body can present with dry skin.

Dry skin is just a skin condition reminding you to care for your skin and pamper it. Cleanse and moisturize daily to have a smooth and healthy skin.

Healthy Skin! Happy You!

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