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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

4 Underlying Causes Of Hematuria!

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Dr. Suraj KumarNephrologist • 20 Years Exp.DM - Nephrology, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, MD - Medicine
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Hematuria is the medical name of what is commonly known as bloody urine. It’s an unpleasant and particularly painful feeling where the discharge of urine from your system is either cola coloured with blood clots or just a light shade of pink. It varies in visibility, that is, it can either appear to the naked eye or it may only appear under a microscope when a sample is examined. If it isn’t easily visible then it can only be detected as a part of your regular check-up as the symptoms are more often than not invisible. Which is why it is very important to get a full body check-up done as often as possible.

Hematuria is an indicator of other serious conditions that could be underlying and not easily apparent. You should not sit on it and definitely visit your doctor if you notice something similar or if you feel any sort of discomfort while urinating. The number of reasons that can cause bloody urine are:

  1. UTI: Urinary tract infection is one of the reigning causes of most renal and gynaecological problems. It is when your urethra and bladder are affected and it causes a perineal urge to urinate which is also a painful experience. Along with this your urine might carry a strong stench. Bloody urine, in this case, is not visible to the naked eye so you have to go in for a check-up as soon as the other symptoms arise.
  2. Stones: Stones in your bladder or kidneys are caused due to the accumulation of minerals from highly concentrated urine. These harden over time and become stone-like. Kidney stones are extremely painful and can cause bleeding both microscopic and visible.
  3. Exercise: Exercise should be practised in moderation. If you are not used to regular exercise then the first time you start, take it slow and gradually build up from that point onwards. Even then, if after a workout you see blood in your urine, then visit your doctor immediately. It is rare for exercise to cause bleeding but it can be the trigger to other problems that might be the actual culprits behind the bleeding. If you have any injuries in your kidney from working out or from contact sports then you are likely to see blood in your urine.
  4. Prostrate: This is a problem aging males are likely to face no matter how active and healthy a lifestyle they lead. The prostate gland can sometimes get enlarged and cause obstruction in the flow of urine by pushing the urethra into a compressed corner, as the prostrate takes up more space than is allotted to it. The signs include microscopic bleeding but also a painful need to urinate perpetually. There may also be a visible bloody discharge of urine.

Thus, hematuria can be sneaky or it can come with ringing bells. Either way, it is best to not avoid going to the doctor and most importantly get regular check-ups done for your own health and safety. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!


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