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3 Miracle Foods That Can Help Prevent Skin Cancer!

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3 Miracle Foods That Can Help Prevent Skin Cancer!

Skin cancer most often develops on skin that has faced sun exposure. At the same time, it can also affect skin areas that haven't been exposed to sun's rays. 

Do you know, skin cancer can be prevented by consuming some foods? 
Yes, and there are some out there: 

  1. Fruits - Including Citrus fruits in your diet can shield you against melanoma as they contain the beneficial antioxidants which protect you from the deleterious effects of sun rays. 
  2. Vegetables - This is another food option that is known to possess strong skin cancer-fighting properties. A pigment found in tomatoes called lycopene has properties that guard you against cardiovascular diseases as well as cancers of all kinds. 
  3. Herbs - Including herbs in your diet can help in replenishing the minerals and vitamins that get depleted due to the action of the sun. According to experts, about 80% of your body's vitamin levels see a reduction when you stay under the sun for 30-45 minutes. Basil, parsley, and rosemary are a few of the herbs that possess cancer-fighting qualities.

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