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10 Ways to Manage Chronic Back Pain

Dr. Shantanu Mallick 90% (192 ratings)
Pain Management Specialist, Navi Mumbai  •  31 years experience
10 Ways to Manage Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain may occur due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it may be due to conditions like osteoporosis or arthritis and at other times, it may be due to an injury or a slip disc caused by such an injury. Injuries to the spinal cord can also trigger chronic back pain. There are numerous ways of dealing with chronic back pain, which may be debilitating, if not treated properly.

10 ways of managing this pain.

  1. Medication: One of the ways of managing chronic back pain is with the help of anti-inflammatory drugs as well as pain killers like ibuprofen. However, do keep in mind that these medicines must be consumed only if they are prescribed by the doctor. Anticonvulsants and anti-depressants can also help in preventing pain that emanates from the nerves of the region.
  2. Surgery: Surgery can be done by the doctors in case the pain is extreme and severe. This kind of surgery usually aims at implanting devices and tools that can support the slipped disc, which may cause pinched nerves.
  3. Electrotherapy: This kind of therapy can help in reducing pain by releasing low-voltage electric stimulation that helps in dealing with the sensory nervous system.
  4. Exercises: Muscle strengthening exercises will help in a better balance. Also, other physiotherapy exercises can help in reducing back pain significantly by targeting the points that create pain and by pinching of the nerves.
  5. Relaxation techniques: There are a number of relaxation techniques that one can turn to so as to reduce the pain. This pain can also be managed with the help of meditation and breathing exercises, which can serve as an alternative means of treatment.
  6. Rest: With proper rest, one can do away with chronic pain. Yet, if it is a nerve-based issue, then the doctor may ask you not too lie down for long stretches and to walk regularly so that inflammation and pain does not set in.
  7. Heat: Heat therapy or heat compresses as well as hot water bags can be used for pain relief.
  8. Prolotherapy: In this method, an irritant solution is injected into the back so as to stimulate better blood circulation. This process also aids in faster ligament repair.
  9. Opioid fusion pump installation: These pumps are surgically implanted so that opioid agents are delivered straight to the spinal cord, which can treat and manage chronic back pain.
  10. Injections: These are usually considered as blocks that deliver steroids to the ligaments and joints. Also, one may have to take corticosteroid injections in order to deal with a very painful case. These epidural injections are usually best for temporary relief. One will need more long term treatment or management methods in order to effectively deal with and reduce pain.

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