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Normal Tablet

Normal Tablet

Manufacturer: Helios Pharmaceuticals
Medicine composition: Nimesulide, Paracetamol
Prescription vs.OTC: Prescription by Doctor required

Normal Tablet is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkiller. It works by blocking the production of Cyclooxygenase, which inhibits the production of prostaglandins in the body. Prostaglandins and cyclooxygenase are responsible for the process of inflammation, acute pain and swelling of joints. Therefore, it is used in the treatment of various conditions such as back pain, severe menstrual cramps, migraines, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fever and post-operative pain.

Normal Tablet provides rapid relief from acute pain, in just fifteen minutes. However, due to the harmful side effects that can occur due to prolonged usage of this medication, it is advisable to discontinue the course within 15 days.

Normal Tablet is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It provides efficient relief from acute pain that is a symptom of thrombophlebitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ear infections and dysmenorrhea. This medicine is also used to reduce fever and to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells. Normal Tablet can treat mild to moderate pain from joint and muscle stains or sprains, effectively. It takes effect quickly and gives relief from pain, within fifteen minutes.

Cyclooxygenase (or COX 2) is an enzyme that synthesizes a compound called prostaglandin. The production of the prostaglandin compound in the body, results in inflammation, pain and swelling of the joints. Since Normal Tablet is a COX 2 inhibitor, it alleviates these symptoms. This drug attacks all the components that contribute to the process of inflammation such as histamine, proteolytic enzymes, free radicals, prostaglandin as well as cyclooxygenase.

Normal Tablet is available in tablet form. The standard dosage recommended per day is one or two tablets of 100 mg per day. Each patient?s symptoms and illness differs, and so it is important to follow the prescription that your doctor recommends. You can take this tablet either with or after food. However, it is essential to complete the course as per the doctor?s prescription and not to skip out on a dose. Children below the age of twelve years cannot consume this medication. Patients suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis cannot continue to take this medication for prolonged periods since this can lead to harmful effects. It is suitable for short-term relief of acute pain. The course should not last for more than 15 days, else it can have severe consequences on your health.

Normal Tablet can result in minor side effects such as acidity, nausea, stomach cramps or aches and vomiting. If you are allergic to this medicine, you can suffer an allergic reaction such as rashes, shortness of breath, hives and swelling of the tongue or face. In some cases, severe side effects such as Stevens - Johnson syndrome, blood clotting disorders, elevated enzymes of the liver and skin rashes, can occur. Although these occur rarely, it is important to consult your doctor immediately, if you detect any of these side effects. Normal Tablet can have harmful effects on a developing infant. Hence, it is advisable for pregnant women, women planning to get pregnant and women who are breast-feeding, to avoid taking this medicine.

Normal Tablet is used to treat symptoms like swelling, pain, and stiffness of joints associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Normal Tablet is used to treat symptoms like tender and painful joints associated with Osteoarthritis.
Normal Tablet is used to treat symptoms like stiffness and pain associated with Ankylosing Spondylitis.
Normal Tablet is used to relieve excessive pain and cramps during menstruation.
Mild to moderate pain
Normal Tablet is used to relieve pain of sprains, strains, sports injuries etc.
Normal Tablet is used to relieve acute pain in migraine.
Normal Tablet is used to relieve swelling and pain in joints.
Normal Tablet is used to relieve pain and swelling associated with the tissue connecting the muscle and bones.
Normal Tablet is not recommended if you have a known history of allergy to medicines belonging to NSAIDs. Severe allergic conditions like Asthma and Urticaria can be triggered in such cases.
Peptic Ulcer
Normal Tablet is not recommended if you have peptic ulcer or are suspected of having it. It could cause severe swelling and bleeding in the stomach, colon and anus.
Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG)
Normal Tablet is not recommended for relieving pain after you have undergone CABG.
In addition to its intended effect, Normal Tablet may cause some unwanted effects too. In such cases, you must seek medical attention immediately. This is not an exhaustive list of side effects. Please inform your doctor if you experience any adverse reaction to the medication.
Abdominal Pain Major Common
Symptoms like bloating, burning and cramps could also be associated with the use of Normal Tablet
Constipation Major Common
Normal Tablet can cause moderate to severe constipation.
Diarrhea Major Common
{[Diclofenac}} can cause loose stools with or without blood.
Nausea and vomiting Major Common
Normal Tablet can cause nausea and vomiting in some patients.
Skin Rash Moderate Common
Normal Tablet can cause skin rashes and hives in some people.
Tinnitus Moderate Less Common
Normal Tablet can cause a sensation of ringing or buzzing sound in the head or ears.
How long is the duration of effect?
The effect typically lasts for an average of 1-2 hours. However, the time might vary depending upon the dosage form administered.
What is the onset of action?
The effect can be observed within 10-30 minutes of consumption. Note: Potassium salts of Diclofenac act faster than the Sodium salts as they are absorbed faster from the Gastro-Intestinal Tract.
Are there any pregnancy warnings?
This medicine is not considered safe during pregnancy especially after 30 weeks of gestation. You should consult a doctor before using this medicine. Potential benefits and risks involved should be given due consideration before administration.
Is it habit forming?
No habit forming tendencies were reported.
Are there any breast-feeding warnings?
This medicine is not likely to pass into milk and cause any severe effect. But it is not recommended to use since there is a lack of conclusive evidence. A doctor must be consulted before taking the medicine.
Below is the list of medicines, which have the same composition, strength and form as Normal Tablet, and hence can be used as its substitute.
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Are there any missed dose instructions?
The missed dose can be taken as soon as you remember. However, the missed dose should be skipped if it is almost time for the next dose.
Are there any overdose instructions?
A doctor should be contacted immediately if an overdose of Normal Tablet is suspected. Signs and symptoms of overdose include rashes on the skin, confusion, pain in the chest, blurred vision etc. Immediate medical attention is needed if an overdose is confirmed.
United States
Whenever you take more than one medicine, or mix it with certain foods or beverages, you're at risk of a drug interaction.
Interaction with Disease
Asthma Major
Normal Tablet should not be taken if you have NSAID-sensitive asthma. Any such history should be reported to the doctor so that appropriate substitution can be done.
Fluid retention and Edema Major
Normal Tablet should be taken only after consulting a doctor. Monitoring of blood pressure and heart conditions is necessary on a regular level during the course of therapy.
Gastro-Intestinal toxicity Major
Normal Tablet and other NSAIDs should be taken after consulting a doctor especially if the intended duration is longer than a month. Any symptom indicating ulceration and bleeding like chronic indigestion, appearance of coffee colored dry blood in stools or vomiting of blood should be reported immediately.
Skin rash Major
Normal Tablet can cause these fatal skin allergies without any warnings. Signs and symptoms like rashes, hives, fever or other allergic symptoms should be reported without any delay. This condition requires immediate medical intervention.
Impaired kidney function Major
Normal Tablet should be taken after consulting a doctor if you are having a kidney disease. Suitable adjustment in dosage and monitoring of kidney functions is required in such situations.
Heart attack and stroke Major
Normal Tablet should be taken only after consulting a doctor. The dose needs to be optimized based on the severity of the heart condition. Additional medicines are to be taken to minimize the risk. Symptoms indicating heart attack like chest pain, shallow breathing, speech slurring, and weakness should be immediately reported to the doctor.
Interaction with Alcohol
This medicine should not be consumed with alcohol. Symptoms of stomach bleeding (such as the presence of dried and coffee colored blood in cough or stools) should be reported to the doctor immediately.
Interaction with Lab Test
Information not available.
Interaction with Food
Information not available.
Interaction with Medicine
Adefovir Major
Normal Tablet should be taken with Adefovir only after consulting a doctor. Usage of either of the drugs should be reported so that suitable substitutes can be prescribed.
Apixaban Major
Normal Tablet can be taken with Apixaban only under the supervision of a doctor. Any signs and symptoms like dizziness, black and tarry stools, presence of dried and coffee grounds like blood in cough or vomit should be attended to immediately.
Methotrexate Major
Normal Tablet should be taken with Methotrexate only after consulting a doctor. The doctor needs to make suitable adjustments so that unwanted effects and toxicity can be prevented.
Ramipril Moderate
Normal Tablet should be taken with Ramipril only after consulting a doctor since dosage adjustment is required to minimize the harmful effect. Signs and symptoms like swelling, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, confusion, and weakness should be reported to the doctor.
Ketorolac Major
Normal Tablet should not be taken along with ketorolac. You should read the instructions before taking any over the counter medication. A doctor should be consulted before taking medicines containing these components.

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I have been reported vitamin D deficiency (15 ng/ml. My questions are: 1.Is it necessary to take shelcal tablet along with cholecalciferol sachet if my calcium level was normal in blood report? 2.If shelcal is to be taken should cholecalciferol be taken alone for first four weeks once in a week and then shelcal tablet be taken daily? You can answer serialwise for convenience.

General Physician, Mumbai
I have been reported vitamin D deficiency (15 ng/ml. My questions are:
1.Is it necessary to take shelcal tablet along...
Dear Lybrateuser, - If your calcium level is normal then you don't require a calcium supplement, take only cholecalciferol as you are deficient in it (15-20 min exposure to sunlight in the morning is also a good natural source of vit D) - do not overdose your system as shelcal in itself has vit d, so either take shelcal only or cholecalciferol, you can alternate it every month.
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My bp is 140/80 but resting rate pulse is 57 to 60 any problem in my pulse or heart. L take telmisartan 40 nebivolol 2.5 mg.

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Bhubaneswar
My bp is 140/80 but resting rate pulse is 57 to 60 any problem in my pulse or heart. L take telmisartan 40 nebivolol ...
No there is no problem. BP of 140 /80 is normal. Though upper one systolic is little high but at this age there will be always little stress. Still you should practice a healthy life style like regular walking of 30 to 45 minutes, avoid all sort of fried and rich foods, take less carb foods. Minimum sleep should be if 8 hours at night. Regarding pulse it is also normal. Nothing to be worry. Stay healthy. Thank you.
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Hi my friend who is 24 years old used to masturbate daily. Sometimes twice a day. I had asked him to stop his habit. So I want to know will masturbating daily lead to any problem.

Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (B.U.M.S)
Ayurveda, Indore
Hi my friend who is 24 years old used to masturbate daily. Sometimes twice a day. I had asked him to stop his habit. ...
Masturbation addiction is, simply put, the compulsive need to masturbate. The need becomes so overwhelming that the addict does not have the power to keep from masturbating. This overpowering desire is at the base of most forms of sexual addiction. The need to view pornography is usually a precursor to masturbation. Involving with prostitutes and illicit sexual activity is the next stage to it. It should be stopped as it has done lots of damage to you mentally/physically. It ruins once sexual health and even further lead them to impotency. Opt for my ayurvedic medicines (with counselling given on phone) that will help you stop this addiction. Proper medication will be given to control the urge of sexual desires and to recover the loss/damage given to the body Including penis curve and also penis enlargement. Conslt me privatly for further guidance. Do not worry Tc.

I am 8th month pregnant and I have bymistakely swallowed jujube seed so I just want to know is it normal?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MS(Stri and Prasuti)
Obstetrician, Varanasi
I am 8th month pregnant and I have bymistakely swallowed jujube seed so I just want to know is it normal?
Hi, Be careful while eating during pregnancy .if you taken in small quantity then it won't create any problem or complication.

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Tumors And Cancer

MD - Bio-Chemistry, MF Homeo (London), DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), BHMS
Homeopath, Kolkata
Tumors And Cancer

Tumors vary in their composition, but they all arise primarily, from deficiency in kali mur, which cause an excess of fibrin in the system. Occsionally this fibrin collects in masses, a tumor results. Sometimes these tumors contain only fibrin, their cure is very diffcult, as there are no blood vessels in them, consequenty no method of introducing kali mur (bio), into them to unite with the fibrin. In other case they are filled with fat, still others with water and other liquids. In all case, however, kali mur. Is the chief remedy, with such other cell- salts as suppuration, other complications may call for. The cause of cancer has so far not been discovered, but all present evidence point to the fact that the cancer cannot begin to grow until the vitality of the tissues surrounding in is lowered. It is therefore evident that the logical method of preventing cancer is to maintain the normal vitality of the tissues by watching for any symptoms of lacking cell - salts, replacing them as soon as possible. This same rule also holds goods after a cancer has become established the administration of whatever cell - salts the symptoms show to be lacking should be continued even where surgical, electrical, or other forms.

Bio treatment
Kali sulp, calc fluor, kali phos, natr. Mur, ferrum phos, calc phos, silicea, natr phosh.

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Scope of Homeopathy in Bronchial Asthma

BHMS, MD - Homeopathy
Homeopath, Bhubaneswar

Scope of Homeopathy Treatment for Asthma

  • The homeopathy treatment helps to treat the asthma in 2 ways – It controls the acute asthmatic condition by both oral medicines and homeopathy nebulizer (Dr Satapathy’s homeo nebulizer).The acute symptoms of asthma like coughing, chest tightness, wheezing sound, shortness of breath are immediately required to control as quick as possible so the person can breathe freely. There are many homeopathy medicines when selected as per the totality of symptoms of the person can able to control the acute asthma symptoms effectively and rapidly. The medicines for acute symptoms can be given repeatedly even 30 minutes to hour interval till the symptoms are not getting fully recovered. There is no specific medicine for any specific health issues in homeopathy. One medicine can be given in different health problem when the symptoms of the diseased person are fully matched homeopathically with the medicinal symptoms. For example a severe dry cough which worsen on lying posture with gagging or vomiting, suffocative sensation and more cough after drinking cold water can be given one homeopathy medicine ‘spongia’, another person with same dry severe cough but get relief after drinking little cold water will be given another medicine ‘cuprum met’. So here for the same health problem of cough there is two different medicines in which one get relief from tsaking cold water but another get worse, which is the key characteristic symptoms to select the specific homeopathy medicines. Similarly in all asthma symptoms that may be cough or wheezing sound or tightness of chest the medicines are not same for each individual symptom. The selection of medicines is totally depend upon the symptoms of the patient. But it is hundred percentages true that homeopathy has effective medicines for all acute symptoms. If the correct medicine with accurate potency is given it give immediate relieve to the disease. So besides the diagnosis of disease the diagnosis of medicine is highly essential to cure one disease in homeopathy. Unlike other therapist a homeopath has dual responsibility i.e. to diagnosis the disease and then to diagnosis the remedy. But at the same time the mother tincture form of homeopathy medicines have specific effect on a specific health problem like Justecea adathoda mother tincture is generally given for dry cough whatever the characterized symptom present. But the specific homeopathy remedy is generally given in raw form i.e. in mother tincture form or in very lower potency. The alkaloid or active principle of each and every homeopathy medicine has some key therapeutic property. In this regards homeopathic nebulizer developed by Dr.Satapathy do act in same principle and is given to all asthma patients as a common supplementary treatment to control the severity of asthmatic situation. With all the indicated homeopathic acute remedies, Dr.satapathy’s homeo nebulizer offers a rapid and long lasting relief to the acute symptoms of the asthma. 
  • The control of the acute symptoms of the asthma won’t give a long lasting relief. It is the management of acute symptoms for a time period. Because though the symptoms can be well managed by the acute homeopathic remedies for a limited time period , but there is chance of reappearance of asthma symptoms if the patient again being exposed to the triggers. It is because the person’s immune system is still in hyperactive state so whenever he get exposed towards any allergens the symptoms again reappear. The immune system of an asthmatic person is very sensitized to many allergens and when get contact with them develop the asthmatic symptoms. Just to control the symptoms will not cure the asthma in a long term basis because his hypersensitive immune system again will react adversely when again get expose to the same allergen. So for a long term cure it is highly required to modify the hypersensitive immune system of the asthmatic person to a normal functioning immune system. A proper constitutional homeopathy medicines basing upon the homeopathy way of case history taken which covers the common clinical symptoms with their modalities , physical general symptoms, mental general symptoms, miasmatic back ground, past history of any health issues either physical or psychological background, family history of any diseases, if all those taken into consideration then the constitutional homeopathy medicine comes from those symptom similarities basis is the specific medicine for that particular person. If that medicine is given for a considerable time it will help to modify the hypersensitive immune system to normal functioning immune system. This type of homeopathy treatment is called as classical homeopathy treatment. From my 24 years of clinical experience I feel both acute homeopathy treatment along with classical approach of treatment is much more beneficial than alone acute treatment or alone classical treatment.
  • In spite of that there are many factors those also put bad impact on the immune system and convert its healthy functioning nature to hypersensitive nature. Factors that affect the immune systems are faulty life style, faulty food habits, lack of physical activities, constantly staying in a overstressed condition, side effects of various chemical drugs, obesity, smoking, rise of pollution, suppression of any skin disease, hereditary condition and so many life style changes also responsible for making our immune system hyperactive. So with homeopathy treatment a healthy life style, healthy food habits, healthy mind set up is mostly desirable to cure asthma permanently and forever.
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Psychiatric Disorder - 5 Silent Signs Of It!

MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, Diploma in Psychological Medicine , MBBS
Psychiatrist, Bangalore
Psychiatric Disorder - 5 Silent Signs Of It!

Psychiatric disorders like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia do not appear all of a sudden. There are small changes that happen to an individual over a long period of time until the disease fully develops. These signs and symptoms might be too subtle in the early stage for other people to notice until they become obvious. But an early detection of any irregularity proves to be more beneficial for the patient in the long run.

It is important to know the telltale symptoms of mental disorder to distinguish between what is regular and what is not.

  1. Withdrawal: Everyone needs some quiet time to cool off and relax but if a person continuously withdraws him/herself from social occasions and avoids meeting or speaking to friends, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Losing interest in life, work and people are symptoms of depression and psychotic disorder.
  2. Thinking problems: Having trouble concentrating, remembering, understanding and explaining oneself in a coherent manner are some common signs of mental disorder.
  3. Anxiety: Excessive stress and anxious behavior for a prolonged period are not normal. Frequent heart palpitations, headache, shortness of breath, racing mind and restlessness are cries of help that need to be heard.
  4. Emotional outbursts: Sudden dramatic outbursts for no apparent reason, frequent mood swings and feeling distressed are potent signs of mental illnesses. These kinds of behavior are seen as part of a person's nature and so they are often unnoticed.
  5. Changes in appetite and sleeping patterns: Oversleeping may be a sign of depression and insomnia could be a sign of anxiety. Changes in appetite and not caring about oneself or the world are indicators of a mental problem.
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Cancer - How Ayurveda Can Help In Treating It?

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), MD - Ayurveda, Ph.d Arthritic Disorder
Ayurveda, Surat
Cancer - How Ayurveda Can Help In Treating It?

Cancer is a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and are able to invade other tissues. The abnormal cells are termed cancer cells, malignant cells, or tumor cells. Untreated cancers can cause serious illness and death. Many cancers and the abnormal cells that compose the cancer tissue are further identified by the name of the tissue that the abnormal cells originated from (for example, breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer).

Cells become cancer cells because of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) damage. DNA is in every cell and it directs all the cell’s actions. In a normal cell, when DNA gets damaged the cell either repairs the damage or the cell dies. In cancer cells, the damaged DNA is not repaired, and the cell doesn’t die like it should. Instead, the cell goes on making new cells that the body doesn’t need. These new cells all have the same abnormal DNA as the first cell does.

Cancer has largely remained incurable due to its complexity and its ability to spread rapidly and uncontrollably. There are over 200 types of cancers; most can fit into the following categories

  1. Carcinoma: Cancer that begins in the skin or in tissues that line or cover internal organs
  2. Sarcoma: Cancer that begins in bone, cartilage, fat, muscle, blood vessels, or other connective or supportive tissue
  3. Leukemia: Cancer that starts in blood-forming tissue such as the bone marrow and causes large numbers of abnormal blood cells to be produced and enter the blood
  4. Lymphoma and myeloma: Cancers that begin in the cells of the immune system
  5. Central nervous system cancers: Cancers that begin in the tissues of the brain and spinal cord Tumors can be benign or malignant.
  6. Benign tumors aren’t cancerous: They can often be removed, and, in most cases, they do not come back. Cells in benign tumors do not spread to other parts of the body.
  7. Malignant tumors are cancerous: Cells in these tumors can invade nearby tissues and spread to other parts of the body. The spread of cancer from one part of the body to another is called metastasis.


Cancer symptoms are vary in different people and depend on where the cancer is located, where it has spread, and how big the tumor is. Some cancers can be felt or seen through the skin – a lump on the breast or testicle can be an indicator of cancer in those locations. Skin cancer (melanoma) is often noted by a change in a wart or mole on the skin. Some oral cancers present white patches inside the mouth or white spots on the tongue.

Other cancers have symptoms that are less physically apparent. Some brain tumors tend to present symptoms early in the disease as they affect important cognitive functions. Pancreas cancers are usually too small to cause symptoms until they cause pain by pushing against nearby nerves or interfere with liver function to cause a yellowing of the skin and eyes called jaundice. Symptoms also can be created as a tumor grows and pushes against organs and blood vessels. For example, colon cancers lead to symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, and changes in stool size. Bladder or prostate cancers cause changes in bladder function such as more frequent or infrequent urination.

As cancer cells use the body’s energy and interfere with normal hormone function, it is possible to present symptoms such as fever, fatigue, excessive sweating, anemia, and unexplained weight loss. However, these symptoms are common in several other maladies as well. For example, coughing and hoarseness can point to lung or throat cancer as well as several other conditions.

When cancer spreads, or metastasizes, additional symptoms can present themselves in the newly affected area. Swollen or enlarged lymph nodes are common and likely to be present early. If cancer spreads to the brain, patients may experience vertigo, headaches, or seizures. Spreading to the lungs may cause coughing and shortness of breath. In addition, the liver may become enlarged and cause jaundice and bones can become painful, brittle, and break easily. Symptoms of metastasis ultimately depend on the location to which the cancer has spread.

Cancer arises from one single cell. The transformation from a normal cell into a tumour cell is a multistage process, typically a progression from a pre-cancerous lesion to malignant tumours. These changes are the result of the interaction between a person’s genetic factors and three categories of external agents, including:

  • Physical carcinogens – such as ultraviolet and ionizing radiation;
  • Chemical carcinogens – such as asbestos, components of tobacco smoke, aflatoxin (a food contaminant) and arsenic (a drinking water contaminant); and
  • Biological carcinogens – such as infections from certain viruses, bacteria or parasites.

Ageing is another fundamental factor for the development of cancer. The incidence of cancer rises dramatically with age, most likely due to a buildup of risks for specific cancers that increase with age. The overall risk accumulation is combined with the tendency for cellular repair mechanisms to be less effective as a person grows older.

It is important to point out that most everyone is exposed to cancer-causing substances (for example, sunlight, cigarette smoke, and X-rays) during their lifetime but many individuals do not develop cancer. In addition, many people have the genes that are linked to cancer but do not develop it. Higher the amount or level of cancer-causing materials a person is exposed to, the higher the chance the person will develop cancer. In addition, the people with genetic links to cancer may not develop it for similar reasons (lack of enough stimulus to make the genes function). In addition, some people may have a heightened immune response that controls or eliminates cells that are or potentially may become cancer cells. There is evidence that even certain dietary lifestyles may play a significant role in conjunction with the immune system to allow or prevent cancer cell survival. For these reasons, it is difficult to assign a specific cause of cancer to many individuals.

Ayurveda Treatment:

Ayurveda, one of the major traditional forms of medical practice in India, has produced many useful leads in developing medications for chronic diseases. Ayurveda is an intricate system of healing that originated in India thousands of years ago. Historical evidence of Ayurveda can be found in the ancient books of wisdom known as the Vedas that were written over 6000 years ago. Ayurveda provides novel approaches to cancer prevention that are considered safe. Classical Ayurvedic texts have several references to cancer. Some terms used to describe the condition are general while others are much more specific. 

Arbuda is the most specific term for a cancerous malignancy. Gulma is one another reference used to describe any palpable hard mass in the abdomen. It is any hard, tumor like mass in the abdominal region, which could be benign or malignant. Ayurvedic classification of neoplasms depends upon various clinical symptoms in relation to tridoshas.

  • Group I: Diseases that can be named as clear malignancies, including arbuda and granthi, such as mamsarbuda (sarcomas) and raktarbuda (leukaemia), mukharbuda (oral cancer), and asadhya vrana (incurable or malignant ulcers).
  • Group II: Diseases that can be considered as cancer or probable malignancies, such as ulcers and growths. Examples of these are mamsaja oshtharoga (growth of lips), asadhya galganda (incurable thyroid tumour), tridosaja gulmas, asadhya udara roga, (abdominal tumours like carcinomas of the stomach and liver or lymphomas).
  • Group III: Diseases with the possibility of malignancy, such as visarpa (erysipelas), asadhya kamala (incurable jaundice), asadhya pradara (intractable dysmenorrhea or leukorrhea) and tridosaja nadi vrana (intractable sinusitis).

Treatments offered

Effective treatment for cancer, focusing on the principle of detoxification, rejuvenation. Our treatment involves:

  • Shamana chikitsa (treatment using Ayurvedic medicines orally)
  • Shodhana chikitsa (detoxification through Panchakarma therapy)
  • Rasayana chikitsa (immunotherapy, rejuvenation or Kayakalpa)
  • Diet & life style management
  • Satvavajaya (couselling)
  • Daiva vyapashraya chikitsa (divine therapy), Yoga & Pranayama are also suggested as per the need and condition of the patient.
  • Our cancer therapies are based on the philosophy of Removal the cancerous cells when possible and destroy any cells that remain.

Our Ayurvedic treatments can be safely combined with chemotherapy and radiotherapy procedures to minimize the side effects. Even in surgical treatment, this treatment can be started immediately to prevent metastasis and further healing.

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Sagging Eyelids Surgery: What You Need To Know?

M.Ch - Paediatric Surgery, DNB (ENT), MS - ENT, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Hyderabad
Sagging Eyelids Surgery: What You Need To Know?

Eyes are believed to be the most attractive feature in a person. A pair of beautiful eyes can melt millions of hearts. Skin ageing and its consequences can throw life in jeopardy. Sagging eyelids are one such unwanted consequence. With ageing, the skin loses its elasticity to a great extent.

There is an increased skin accumulation around the upper and lower eyelids. As a result, the eyelids become sagging and droopy. Sagging eyelids can be annoying, affecting a person's overall appearance and self-confidence. In extreme cases, it interferes with the normal vision of the affected individual. Eye irritation is also common.

Thus, the problem needs to be treated at the earliest. Blepharoplasty or the eyelid surgery comes as a huge relief. Here, the surgery is mainly performed to enhance an individual's appearance. To treat sagging eyelids, it is important to get rid of the accumulated skin, loose muscles and fat pads. Procedure is done under local anesthesia.

For upper eyelids, the surgeon makes small punctures along the line of the eyelids. These punctures act as the exit points for the unwanted skin, muscles and fats. Following the removal of the skin present in excess, the punctures are carefully stitched. In case of the lower eyelids, the fat pads are removed through an incision made inside the eyelids. The excess skin can also be eliminated through an incision made along the margin of the eyelashes.

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