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Haloderm 0.05% W/W Ointment

Manufacturer: Micro Labs Ltd
Medicine composition: Halobetasol
Prescription vs.OTC: Prescription by Doctor not required

Haloderm 0.05% W/W Ointment is a strong corticosteroid. This medication is available as a cream, ointment and lotion to apply topically on the skin. This medication treats inflammation and itchiness caused by skin conditions. It functions by reducing the inflammation.

On using Haloderm 0.05% W/W Ointment you may experience side effects such as itchiness, dryness, redness, burning and stinging sensation, stretch marks, increased hair growth, folliculitis, hives, warm skin, acne and skin discoloration. Should the reactions persist or become more severe over time contact your health care provider as soon as possible.

Before using this medication tell your doctor if: you are allergic to any ingredient contained within Haloderm 0.05% W/W Ointment, you are taking prednisone or any other prescription or non-prescription drugs, you have an allergy towards any foods, medicines or substances, you have any skin infections, you have recently had a vaccination and you are pregnant or are nursing a baby.

The dosage for Haloderm 0.05% W/W Ointment should be prescribed by your doctor based on your age, medical history and condition. However, the usual dose is about 0.05% that needs to be applied in a small amount on the affected area and very gently rub. Before application wash your hands well.

Information given here is based on the salt and content of the medicine. Effect and uses of medicine may vary from person to person. It is advicable to consult a Dermatologist before using this medicine.

, keratoses (abnormal skin growth) and
In addition to its intended effect, Haloderm 0.05% W/W Ointment may cause some unwanted effects too. In such cases, you must seek medical attention immediately. This is not an exhaustive list of side effects. Please inform your doctor if you experience any adverse reaction to the medication.
Skin irritation.
Is It safe with alcohol?
No interaction found
Are there any pregnancy warnings?
Helact s ointment may be unsafe to use during pregnancy.
Animal studies have shown adverse effects on the foetus, however, there are limited human studies. The benefits from use in pregnant women may be acceptable despite the risk. Please consult your doctor.
Are there any breast-feeding warnings?
Helact s ointment is probably safe to use during breastfeeding. Please consult your doctor.
Is it safe to drive while on this medicine?
There is no data available. Please consult doctor before consuming the drug.
Does this affect kidney function?
There is no data available. Please consult doctor before consuming the drug.
Does this affect liver function?
There is no data available. Please consult doctor before consuming the drug.
Below is the list of medicines, which have the same composition, strength and form as Haloderm 0.05% W/W Ointment , and hence can be used as its substitute.
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Haloderm 0.05% W/W Ointment acts by the induction of lipocortins which are phospholipase A2 inhibitory proteins. Inhibition of these proteins inhibits the release of arachidonic acid, which is a common precursor of inflammation mediators like prostaglandins and leukotrienes.
What are you using Haloderm 0.05% W/W Ointment for?
How much was the improvement?
How long did it take before seeing improvement?
Within 2 hours
How frequently did you take this medicine?
Once a day
Disclaimer: The information produced here is best of our knowledge and experience and we have tried our best to make it as accurate and up-to-date as possible, but we would like to request that it should not be treated as a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Lybrate is a medium to provide our audience with the common information on medicines and does not guarantee its accuracy or exhaustiveness. Even if there is no mention of a warning for any drug or combination, it never means that we are claiming that the drug or combination is safe for consumption without any proper consultation with an expert.

Lybrate does not take responsibility for any aspect of medicines or treatments. If you have any doubts about your medication, we strongly recommend you to see a doctor immediately.

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  • Step 1: The nurse will help identify day 1 of your menstrual cycle, and this is important. 
  • Step 2: The ovaries usually produce an egg between the 12th and 16th day of the menstrual cycle. After identifying day 1, ovary-stimulating medicines (higher doses of hormones) are given to support the release of more eggs. The ovaries may be subjected to ultrasound imaging to monitor the development of eggs.
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Factors you need to consider while making a decision

  • Sperm selection: Either fresh sperm or frozen sperm can be used by the couple. Fresh sperm is collected the same day as egg retrieval. Frozen sperms are thawed before use. Sperms of good quality are chosen after careful examination under a microscope to improve success rates of fertilization.
  • Fertilization: This is where the name IVF is derived from. In-vitro (meaning in the glass, from the glass dish used) is where the fertilization occurs.
  • Embryo development: Once fertilized, the embryo is kept in a conducive environment so that it can continue to grow optimally. The couple of kept updated on the progress here, as they would be wanting to know the status. After 5 to 6 days of fertilization, it can be implanted into the uterus.
  • Embryo transfer: Once the medical team confirms that you are ready for an embryo transfer, you will be called into the doctor’s office. This is usually painless, but some women may have a slight abdominal discomfort. You will be advised to drink water and come with a full bladder. The uterus is scanned to see whether the embryo is getting placed, and having a full bladder helps clearly outline the uterus. The embryo is placed inside you via a catheter through the cervix into the uterus, under ultrasound guidance. The doctor has about 1 mm area within which it should be placed correctly for good implantation. Therefore, this placement is very critical. One embryo is placed, and the others are frozen and may be used in case of failure.
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