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Breath Syrup

Manufacturer: Hippo Labs Pvt Ltd
Medicine composition: Bromhexine, Salbutamol, Guaifenesin
Prescription vs.OTC: Prescription by Doctor required

Breath Syrup is used as a medicine to support the body's mechanisms for clearing mucus from the respiratory tract. It treats chest congestion. They belong to a group of medications called mucolytics, which work by breaking mucus down so that it is easier to cough out. Therefore, Breath Syrup is added to cough syrups to treat cough.

Possible side effects of Breath Syrup may include nausea, diarrhoea rash, angioedema, pruritus, urticaria, sweating, dizziness, vomiting, headache and pain in the upper part of abdomen. Patients with a history of peptic ulceration, asthma and severe hepatic or renal impairment should take extra precautions during their treatment with this medicine.

This medication comes in the form of a tablet and a liquid. The tablets are usually taken 3 times daily, with plenty of liquid and after meals. The liquid form can be given 2 to 4 times per day. The dosage is adapted to the need of the patients and it varies with the age and weight. Breath Syrup is well established and tolerated in the body.

Information given here is based on the salt and content of the medicine. Effect and uses of medicine may vary from person to person. It is advicable to consult a Pulmonologist before using this medicine.

chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (copd)
In addition to its intended effect, Breath Syrup may cause some unwanted effects too. In such cases, you must seek medical attention immediately. This is not an exhaustive list of side effects. Please inform your doctor if you experience any adverse reaction to the medication.
Respiratory tract inflammation
Musculoskeletal (bone
muscle or joint) pain
Respiratory tract infection
Throat irritation.
Is It safe with alcohol?
Interaction with alcohol is unknown. Please consult your doctor.
Are there any pregnancy warnings?
This medicine does not cause any harm to the fetus, but there is no scientific evidence to certify it. Hence, it is best to consult a doctor before consuming it during pregnancy. It is best to be administered orally.
Are there any breast-feeding warnings?
Unknown. Human and animal studies are not available. Please consult your doctor.
Is it safe to drive while on this medicine?
There is no data available. Please consult doctor before consuming the drug.
Does this affect kidney function?
There is no data available. Please consult doctor before consuming the drug.
Does this affect liver function?
There is no data available. Please consult doctor before consuming the drug.
Breath Syrup is a synthetic secretolytic agent which help the natural mechanisms to clear respiratory tract mucus. It increases serous mucus production in respiratory tract and reduces phlegm viscosity, which helps the cilia to clear mucous from the respiratory tract.
What are you using Breath Syrup for?
How much was the improvement?
How long did it take before seeing improvement?
Within 2 hours
How frequently did you take this medicine?
Once a day
How did you take this medicine?
With Food
What were the side effects of this medicine?
Disclaimer: The information produced here is best of our knowledge and experience and we have tried our best to make it as accurate and up-to-date as possible, but we would like to request that it should not be treated as a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Lybrate is a medium to provide our audience with the common information on medicines and does not guarantee its accuracy or exhaustiveness. Even if there is no mention of a warning for any drug or combination, it never means that we are claiming that the drug or combination is safe for consumption without any proper consultation with an expert.

Lybrate does not take responsibility for any aspect of medicines or treatments. If you have any doubts about your medication, we strongly recommend you to see a doctor immediately.

Popular Questions & Answers

Sometimes when I take breath its very tough to take breath what can I do? Please tell me.

General Physician, Delhi
You should get a pulmonary function test. It can give an idea about lung function and can be treated accordingly. Chest x-ray and best is to get examined with respiratory medicine.
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How to increase breathing power. Please suggest me ,how to get good breadth power.

General Physician, Mumbai
For increasing your breathing power I will suggest you to do suryanamaskar and pranayam daily as per your capacity for a minimum of six months
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I have shortness of breathing and when I do running my breathing becomes short fast.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Faridabad
Take 11 guava leaves, 11 black pepper, 1 cup milk and one cup water. Put all of them in pot and boil it well, when it reduced to one cup, drink in empty stomach. Take this daily for at least six months or a year. 2.Boil cumin seeds in water and inhale the steam. It helps dilate the bronchial passage. 3.Take 5 gm of ginger, black pepper, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, turmeric and 30 gm of sugar. Grind the mix to a powder. Take half to one teaspoonful and mix it nicely with honey. Take it twice a day 4.Pulses like old rice (rice which is stored for at least one year is called old), wheat, barley, kulattha, mung beans, arhar beans, etc . should be consumed. 5.Honey, warm drinks like herbal teas, spice teas are also okay. 6.Sprouts, nuts and seeds can be taken in moderate amount. 7.The heavy foods and those which make ama should be avoided. This mainly includes milk products like cheese, curd, butter milk, creams, and banana, etc. 8.Oily, greasy and fried foods which are difficult to digest should be avoided. 9.White flour and white sugar products should be avoided. 10.In addition, try to avoid the cold foods, cold drinks and other refrigerated things. 11.Avoid excessive or physically demanding exercise. Yoga and Pranayama can be helpful.
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Hi sir/ma'am I have mouth breathing while sleeping please suggest me best solution for mouth breathing. Thanks.

MBBS, MD, DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)
Homeopath, Indore
Hi sir/ma'am I have mouth breathing while sleeping please suggest me best solution for mouth breathing. Thanks.
The underlying cause of most cases of mouth breathing is an obstructed (completely blocked or partially blocked) nasal airway. In other words, there is something preventing the smooth passage of air into the nose. Nasal congestion caused by allergies, a cold, or a sinus infection. Enlarged adenoids. So do consult us, so that the exact cause is diagnosed and treatment to be started then.

Having problem in breathing and having cold and a sound of whistling while breathing.

Diploma In Gastroenterology, Diploma In Dermatology, BHMS
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Wheezing is a high-pitched whistling sound made while you breathe. It's heard most clearly when you exhale, but in severe cases, it can be heard when you inhale. It's caused by narrowed airways or inflammation. Wheezing may be a symptom of a serious breathing problem that requires diagnosis and treatment.

Popular Health Tips


General Physician (AM)
Alternative Medicine Specialist, Chandigarh
Learning how to breathe properly can have a profound effect on your life. Often we don't breathe properly, so our bodies are not getting sufficient oxygen and toxins are not being released fully. When we are anxious or stressed our breathing changes and we tend to breath from the top of our lungs. Taking control of the breath during stressful situations can be really helpful. It can create a feeling of relaxation and increased well being. There are many breathing techniques that can be helpful. The key is to breathe in slowly and deeply, the emphasis on extending the out breath which will increase relaxation and help balance the autonomic nervous system.

Inhale through your nose for the count of 5.

Hold for a moment and observe the space.

Exhale through your mouth for the count of 9.

Repeat a few times until you feel more relaxed.

You can use this technique first thing in the morning and it will set you up for the day. Any tool that you use that restores balance to the mind and body will have a huge benefit on your overall well being. What could be easier then breathing

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M.Sc- Psychology, Masters In Clinical Psychology, M.Sc Counselling Psychology
Psychologist, Delhi

Our breath is very powerful. It is our “pran”, it is the essence of our existence, it also happens to be our connection to the divine. Our breath is a very powerful tool and we can tap into it every second, every minute of our existence. When youre feeling anxious, unhappy, upset, irritated or just plain negative with a multitude of thoughts going through your mind, remember to breathe. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Just relax and let your shoulders fall and continue the breathing till you are completely relaxed in the mind, body, heart and soul. Now just remain with your breath. Do this as many times as you like each day and see how everything changes for you.

Breathe in the Right Way

Dermatology and Hair Transplant Surgery Clinic
Dermatologist, Delhi

Best way to improve your health is by improving your breathing technique

- Doctors recommend - we should breathe from our diaphragm instead of breathing from our chest. This change in the breathing pattern will help to maximize the oxygen intake and will also ensure that you stay calm.

Change your breathing style to improve the way your body functions and blood circulation.

Bad Breath

Dentist, Mumbai
Bad Breath

Many people worry about bad breath, either their own or someone else’s. The advertising media have made much of the social stigma arising from ‘offensive breath’ to their own advantage. Bad breath or halitosis may indicate a dental problem, but this may not always be the case.

The odour may be caused by factors in the mouth or by changes occurring in other parts of the body.

Local factors:
· Decaying food particles on or between the teeth
· A coated tongue covered by growing microorganism.
· Unclean dentures
· Smell of tobacco
· Alcohol
· Gum diseases with pus production involved
· Healing wounds after a surgery or extraction

Causes arising away from the mouth:
· Head cold with infected nasal air passages
· Acute inflammation of air spaces present within the facial
bones (often filled with a great deal of pus )
· Tonsillitis.
· Many waste products are broken down from food and drink
are excreted through the lungs and this applies to alcoholic
drinks as well as pungent foods like onion, garlic etc.
· Diabetes in which the patient has a sweet acetone breath.

Bad breath is not a disease; it is rather a symptom,

visit your dentist every six months
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Bad Breath

Dentist, Mumbai
Bad Breath
Call it bad breath or halitosis, it’s an unpleasant condition that’s cause for embarrassment. If you’re concerned about bad breath, see your dentist. Bad breath can be caused by a number of sources, your dentist can help identify the cause and determine the best treatment.

What causes bad breath?

Food. What you eat affects the air you exhale, like garlic or onions. If you don't brush daily, particles of food can remain in the mouth, collecting bacteria, which can cause bad breath. Dieters may develop unpleasant breath from infrequent eating.

Gum disease. Persistent bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth can also be one of the warning signs of gum disease; which is caused by plaque.

Dry mouth. This occurs when the flow of saliva decreases and can be caused by various medications, salivary gland problems or continuously breathing through the mouth.If you suffer from dry mouth, your dentist may prescribe anartificial saliva, or suggest using sugarless candy or increase your fluid intake.

Smoking and tobacco. In addition to staining teeth and being bad for overall health, tobacco can add to bad breath. Tobacco users are at greater risk for developing oral cancer. If you use tobacco, ask your dentist for tips on kicking the habit.

Medical conditions. Some diseases have symptoms related to bad breath. Sinus or lung infections, bronchitis, diabetes, and some liver or kidney diseases may be associated with bad breath.

If you’re concerned about what’s causing your bad breath, make an appointment to see your dentist. Regular checkups allow your dentist to detect any problems such as gum disease or dry mouth. Bad breath may be the sign of a medical disorder. If your dentist determines that your mouth is healthy, you may be referred to your physician.

Maintaining good oral hygiene, eliminating gum disease and scheduling regular professional cleanings are essential to reducing bad breath. Brush twice a day and clean between your teeth. Clean your tongue, too. If you wear dentures, be sure to remove them at night and clean them thoroughly before replacing them the next morning.

It’s important to note that mouthwash will only mask the odour temporarily. Mouthwashes are generally cosmetic and do not have a long-lasting effect on bad breath. If you must constantly use a breath freshener to hide unpleasant mouth odour, see your dentist.
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