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Prescription vs.OTC: Prescription by Doctor required

Albendazole is an antiparasitic medication that is used for treating a number of diseases caused by an infestation of parasitic worms. It is generally taken for diseases like neurocysticercosis (affecting the brain, muscles and other tissues), giardiasis (intestinal infection), hydatid disease, pinworm disease (intestinal infection), ascariasis (gastrointestinal infection), filariasis (affecting the lymph nodes and vessels) and others. The medicine falls under the group of drugs known as anthelmintics, which expels the parasitic worms either by stunning them or killing them without causing notable damage to the host body. It is available in the form of tablets and can be taken orally.

An antiparasitic, Albendazole is used for treating certain infections caused by tapeworms like hydatid disease (parasitic infestation) and neurocysticercosis (infection affecting the brain, muscles as well as well as other tissues). The anthelmintic drug kills the sensitive parasites in your body.

The Albendazole has to be taken orally. You can swallow it with water or crush it and chew it. You can also take it with food. Before you start this medication, you must inform your doctor if you have any of the following health conditions:

  • Blockage in the biliary tract
  • Liver disease
  • A low blood count (low platelet, white cell or red cell count)
  • If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant
  • If you are a breast-feeding mother
  • In case you are allergic to Albendazole, or any other medicines or food
  • In case you forget to take a dose of Albendazole, you can take the medication as soon as you remember it. However, if you remember at a time when you are about to take your next dose, igone the missed dose and follow your schedule from the upcoming dose. Do not take two doses together just because you missed one. It should also be kept in mind not to stop your medicines before the prescribed time, even if you think you are feeling better. Apart from that, you must consult your child?s paediatrician before using Albendazole to treat your child?s condition.

    The mild side effects that are common for taking Albendazole are headache, dizziness, diarrhea and loss of hair. However, you should consult your doctor as soon as you can if you experience any of these symptoms:

    • A skin rash, itching, hives, swelling of your lips, tongue or the face. It would indicate that you had an allergic reaction to the medication.
    • If you are suffering from fever, sore throat or chills.
    • Changes in your vision.
    • Sudden seizures
    • Unusual bleeding or bruising
    • Redness or yellowing of the skin, or blisters, peeling and loosening of your skin. It may also include the insides of your mouth.
    • Discoloured urine or light coloured stool
    • Losing appetite, or pain in the right side of your upper belly
    • Feeling unusually tired or weak
    • Having flu-like symptoms

    Since Albendazole may cause liver problems in some cases, it is advised to limit your consumption of alcohol when you are under this medication.

Hydatid Disease
Albendazole is used in the treatment of Hydotid disease or Echinococcosis caused by larva of dog tapeworm.
Albendazole is used in the treatment of pork tapeworm infection.
Albendazole may be used in the treatment of pinworm infection.
Albendazole may be used in the treatment of threadworm infection.
Albendazole may be used in the treatment of roundworm infection.
Albendazole may be used in the treatment of whipworm infection.
Cutaneous Larva Migrans
Albendazole may be used in the treatment of hookworm infection of skin.
Albendazole may be used in the treatment of filarial worm infection.
Albendazole maybe used in the treatment of intestinal infection in children caused by Giardia parasite.
Albendazole is not recommended if the you are allergic to Albendazole or any drug belonging to the parent group namely, Benzimidazoles.
In addition to its intended effect, Albendazole may cause some unwanted effects too. In such cases, you must seek medical attention immediately. This is not an exhaustive list of side effects. Please inform your doctor if you experience any adverse reaction to the medication.
Fever Major Common
Albendazole may cause fever after administration. The incidence should be reported immediately to the Doctor.
Headache Major Common
Albendazole may cause headaches if the intended use is to kill the parasites present in the brain.
Nausea or Vomiting Major Common
Albendazole may cause nausea or vomiting or both if the intended use is to kill the parasites present in the brain.
Seizures Major Less Common
Albendazole may cause seizures or fits if the intended use is to kill the parasites present in the brain.
Darker Urine Moderate Less Common
Albendazole may cause the urine color to change to dark yellow.
Temporary Hair Loss Moderate Less Common
Albendazole may cause hair loss while taking the medication. But the hair loss is reversible and returns to normal.
Elevated Liver Enzymes Moderate Common
Albendazole may cause the liver enzyme liver to go up to moderate levels. Severe liver damage could be a possibility if the dosage is prolonged.
Allergic Skin Reaction Major Rare
Albendazole may cause a rare skin reaction called Erythema Multiforme. Other severe skin reactions including hives, rashes etc could also occur.
Blood Reactions Major Rare
Albendazole could cause blood reactions resulting in tiredness, lack of breath, abnormal bruising and bleeding.
How long is the duration of effect?
Albendazole is broken down in the liver and remains active in the body for an average of 8.5-9 hours.
What is the onset of action?
Albendazole is poorly absorbed from the Gastro-intestinal tract and reaches its peak levels within 2-5 hours of administration.
Are there any pregnancy warnings?
Albendazole is suspected to cause harm to the developing fetus in pregnant women. Since there is a lack of conclusive evidence from studies on human, it is not recommended for use. However, its usage could be considered in cases where the potential benefits outweigh the risks associated.
Is it habit forming?
No habit forming tendencies were reported.
Are there any breast-feeding warnings?
Albendazole is not excreted in the breast milk. It is recommended to consult a doctor before consuming the drug.
Are there any missed dose instructions?
The missed dose should be taken as soon as one remembers. However, if it is time for the next scheduled dose, then one should skip the missed one.
Are there any overdose instructions?
One should contact the Doctor immediately if an overdose is suspected. Symptoms of overdosage include confusion, fainting, and difficulty in breathing.
United States
Below is the list of medicines, which contains Albendazole as ingredient
Mankind Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Alkem Laboratories Ltd
Cure Quick Pharmaceuticals
Alkem Laboratories Ltd
Indchemie Health Specialities Pvt. Ltd
Leeford Healthcare Ltd
Alkem Laboratories Ltd
Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd
Zydus Cadila
Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd
Shrinivas Gujarat Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Laborate Pharmaceutical Ltd
Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Mars Theraputics & Chemicals Ltd
Whenever you take more than one medicine, or mix it with certain foods or beverages, you're at risk of a drug interaction.
Interaction with Alcohol
Interaction with alcohol is unknown. It is advisable to consult your doctor before consumption.
Interaction with Lab Test
Information not available.
Interaction with Food
Grapefruit Juice Moderate
Albendazole should not be taken with grapefruit juice in order to avoid the unpredictable effect.
Interaction with Medicine
Clozapine Major
Any sign or symptom of infection should be properly reported. Usage of either of the drugs should be reported to the Doctor so that safer alternatives can be prescribed.
Dexamethasone Moderate
Suitable adjustments in the dosage is to be made under doctor's supervision before Albendazole is prescribed along with dexamethasone
Praziquantel Moderate
Suitable adjustments in the dosage is to be made before Albendazole is prescribed along with Praziquantel
Carbamazepine Moderate
Suitable adjustments in the dosage of Albendazole along with monitoring of levels by the Doctor is recommended.
Phenytoin Moderate
Suitable adjustments in the dosage of Albendazole along with monitoring of levels by the Doctor is recommended.

Popular Questions & Answers

My weight is loosing as I feel worms are in my stomach I went to chemist shop the person gave me 4 tables of albendazole and told me to eat it after the gap of 3 days it is right solution to my problem?

M.D. Consultant Pathologist, CCEBDM Diabetes, PGDS Sexology USA, CCMTD Thyroid, ACDMC Heart Disease, CCMH Hypertension, ECG
Sexologist, Sri Ganganagar
My weight is loosing as I feel worms are in my stomach I went to chemist shop the person gave me 4 tables of albendaz...
Yes but either take three days continuously which is latest method or repeat after 15 days interval.

I have lot of itching in my anus. I took albendazole thinking worms but it is not going. There is no pain or wound it's very mild itching feels like rubbing anus part. In night I feel little more while sleeping. Kindly help with some ointment.

MS - General Surgery, FMAS.Laparoscopy
General Surgeon, Gandhinagar
Hello dear Lybrate user, Warm welcome to I have evaluated your query thoroughly. Possible dryness of peri anal skin. Try calamine lotion application 3 times a day, then see the results. Hope this clears your query. Wishing you fine recovery. Welcome for any further assistance at my private URL Regards take care.
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Hello I am taking thyroid medicine (thyrox-25) but can I take albendazole medicine which is worm medicine. Can it be safe. I want to take thyroid medicine as well as albendazole. please help.

MBBS, CCEBDM, Diploma in Diabetology, Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, Cetificate Course In Thyroid Disorders Management (CCMTD)
Endocrinologist, Hubli-Dharwad
Lybrate-user, Thanks for the query. Thyroxine is taken early morning on emty stomach. Then nothing should be taken after that for at least 1 to 1 and half hour. Albendazole is to be taken at night, plus usually it is just one tablet or at times may be repeated after a fortnight. There is absolutely no problem in taking that if needed. Thanks.
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Hello doctor I am taking thyroid medicine from 2 month thyrox-25 but my question is can I take albendazole medicine (worm medicine. Can I take this medicine with thyroid medicine. If any side effect will effect. Pla help me.

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Vadodara
Yes you may take it .. there are no side effects of it on thyroid... But it is better to inform your regular doctor about it...

Sir, mujhe pet m bhut jyada kide h maine 1 month tk albendazole dwayi b khai pr kuch aram ni mil ra. Ab m kon si dwayi loo jisse mujhe frk pde .or m bhut weak bhi jo gyi hu.

MD - Homeopathy, BHMS
Homeopath, Vadodara
Hi Aparajita... Ese koi bhi davai khane se kabhi thik nahi hoga... Agar ap thikse treatment karvana chahe to ap Homoeopathic treatment ke liye Consult kare... Uske liye muje jyada details chahiye..
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Popular Health Tips

Don't Let These Myths Turn You Off From Speech Therapy

B. Sc. Speech & Hearing
Speech Therapist, Delhi
Don't Let These Myths Turn You Off From Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a very distinct form of science that is often misunderstood by people in general. While the benefits of such a therapy is countless, people misinterpret what the therapy actually involves and what it does not. If you are avoiding speech therapy due to the following reasons, you should stop doing so as these are nothing but fabricated myths.

  1. Speech therapy is all about talking: Do not think that speech therapy only involves talking with the therapist. The therapy focuses on the overall communication skills of a person, which definitely involves the speech but also the intricacies of articulation and body language. Sign aids and comprehension skills are also paid attention to in such a therapy session. So, if you feel that you have a problem regarding any one of these aspects, you need to visit a speech therapist.
  2. Speech therapy is uninteresting: Nothing can be further from the truth than this. In fact, a visit to a dentist can be boring, but a visit to a speech therapist will always involve interesting activities such as tongue twisters. The therapists often treat children, which means that their offices, house toys, and other games designed to indulge the minds of infants as well.
  3. A qualified speech therapist is needed for the therapy: Another myth, which needs to be dispelled, is that only a qualified speech therapist can help improve the speech of a person. In fact, any person who has a vast knowledge of diction, linguistic insight, and knowledge of grammar can help people with speech impairment. So, before visiting the doctor, the adults in the family should try and clear out the impairment themselves.
  4. Speech therapy fixes issues in the snap of a finger: As with any kind of treatment, speech therapy does not work like magic. It is a continuous and long process that needs to be followed through. The pace of this treatment depends on the patient. Some patients are more receptive to this therapy than others. So, there is no guideline for the treatment of all speech-impaired individuals and one needs to be treated and allowed to get better at their own pace.
  5. Your child will automatically learn perfect speech: If your child suffers from a speech impairment, do not delay a therapy session by thinking that he/she will automatically learn to speak better as they grow up. This way of thinking is not beneficial and hinders the eventual treatment for the impairment. The speech therapist can help you better if you bring your child to him/her as soon as you detect an issue. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

Myths About Stomach Cancer That You Should Be Aware Of!

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, FICS (Surgical Oncology), Fellowship of Association of Indian Surgeons(FAIS), Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery(FMAS) & Reproductive Medicine, Fellowship of Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endo Surgeons (FIAGES)
Oncologist, Ghaziabad
Myths About Stomach Cancer That You Should Be Aware Of!

Gastric cancer is more commonly known as stomach cancer. It is usually diagnosed in later stages as symptoms are few in early disease and are often neglected by people. Feeling of fullness in upper abdomen, decrease in hunger, weight loss, weakness, vomiting, are some of the common symptoms. Like all cancers, stomach cancer is shrouded in a culture of myths and baseless facts. Here are some of these myths and actual facts to dispel any doubts: 

  1. It’s not cancer if there is no pain: In the early stages of stomach cancer, symptoms are either absent or very mild so that they are usually neglected. This leads to delay in diagnosis. It needs to be stressed again that absence of pain does not mean that cancer can not be there. Slight fullness in the upper abdomen, decrease in appetite, etc. can be signs of stomach cancer.
  2. Sustained indigestion equals stomach cancer: While it is true that one of the symptoms of stomach cancer is indigestion, burping and/or acidity. But, indigestion doesn't always mean that it is stomach cancer. Most of the times, indigestion is not due to cancer. However, if there is recent onset of indigestion (from 2 weeks to a few months) with loss of appetite, weight loss and vomiting, possibility of cancer should be thought of and testing carried out. 
  3. Stomach cancer is rare: Stomach cancer occurrence varies and it is more common in some areas and much less common in other areas. However, in totality, it is one of the very common cancer types. In India, stomach cancer is more common in southern and north-eastern parts of the country but it can occur in persons in any part of the country. 
  4. Stomach cancer is not genetic: Even though it is not commonly seen as a hereditary disease, stomach cancer can be passed down through the genes, thereby increasing the chances of stomach cancer in people who possess it by 70 to 80 percent. Mutation in the CDH1 gene is usually the reason behind this. Sometimes also known to contribute to breast cancer in women. 
  5. Stomach cancer has no cure: This is a misconception. Except for most advancer stage of cancer (stage IV), stomach cancer can be cured by proper treatment. Surgery is the mainstay of curative treatment for stomach cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are also required in addition to surgery in many cases." In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!
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How Yoga Practices Bring You Lasting Peace of Mind?

M.S.(Ayu. Med. Plants), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & Surgery (BAMS), Certificate In Ano Rectal Surgery
Ayurveda, Delhi
How Yoga Practices Bring You Lasting Peace of Mind?

Have you been stressed out lately and feel like you have lost your mental peace? You should consider trying yoga for reviving your peace of mind. Yoga poses integrate a combination of physical health and spiritual health, which allow you to cope with the various tensions you experience in everyday life. You get a calm and relaxed state of mind and your sense of both internal and external well-being also improves. Here are the best yoga poses, which help you bring mental peace.

  1. Anjaneyasana - high lunge: For performing this yoga pose, you should stand up straight and bend forward on one of your knees, keeping your other leg stretched behind. Your arms should be held above your head, and you must inhale and exhale all the time. This pose gives you positive energy, which enhances mental power and strength.
  2. Anjaneyasana - low lunge: This yoga pose involves the bending of one knee in a low lunged position, keeping the forward knee flexed at a 90 degree angle. Your arms should be stretched. This yoga asana is good for increasing your mental focus, and helps in releasing all sorts of tensions. It is very effective for total mental peace.
  3. Garundasana - eagle pose: This is a high level yoga pose that helps in improving your concentration and balance. All negative mental energy you possess get dispelled. It involves a chair pose, with one of your left arm wrapped around another. Your arms should stay entwined. This asana enables you to develop mental and physical harmony, which results in inner peace.
  4. Natarajasana - dancer’s pose: This is another effective yoga posture, which helps in boosting your concentration power. It involves standing on one leg while you bend forward having one arm stretched in front, and another grabbing your foot of the leg, which is raised.
  5. Virabhadrasana - warrior pose: This yoga pose aims at combating your inner conflicts in order to attain a relaxed mental state. You need to stand on one leg, bend forward, raise your other leg, and clasp your hands behind your back. This practice is effective in eliminating negative emotions, which upset your mental peace.
  6. Urdhva prasarita eka padasana - standing split pose: This yoga asana involves standing with one of your legs resting on the ground, while the other one is extended upwards. Blood rushes to your head, which improves your mental functions. You also experience a serene state of mind, which is important for a sound mind.

Apart from these, the Adho Mukha Vrksasana or the Handstand is also effective for attaining mental peace. Here, you need to propel your body upwards, supporting your entire body weight on your hands.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Homeopathy - Debunking Some Myths!

BHMS, MD-Homeopathy, PGPC - Preventive Cardiology
Homeopath, Delhi
Homeopathy - Debunking Some Myths!

There are scores of myths about Homeopathy which are circulated to discredit this all natural and highly effective healing treatment. In this article we are going to dispel all the popular myths relating to homeopathy so that you can judge for yourself and grasp the science of homeopathy in a better way.

Myth #1: Homeopathy is just balls of sugar which comes with a placebo effect
This is an absolutely erroneous idea. Homeopathic medicines are not just sugar pills- they come in various forms like dilution, tablet, ointment, pellets, mother tincture etc. Homeopathy is becoming popular around the globe because it is gentle, non-toxic, and efficacious and a much cheaper alternative to allopathic medicine.

Myth #2: Allopathic medicines cannot be taken in combination with homeopathy
This is yet another popular misconception about homeopathy. As we know, allopathic medicines, when stopped altogether all of a sudden, can suddenly flare up the intensity of the symptoms. No competent homeopathy doctor would advise you to discontinue your allopathic medication abruptly. Generally, the dosage of the allopathic medicine is reduced till it is stopped when steady improvement sets in.

Myth #3: Intake of tea/coffee or onion and garlic is cut down in homeopathic treatment
Though this was a popular practice in homeopathy, no modern homeopathic doctor would restrict your consumption of beverages or onion/garlic. These substances will never interfere with the medicine as long as they are consumed in moderation while maintaining a time gap between these items and the medicine.

Myth #4: Homeopathic medicines take forever to bring in effects
The time required for the homeopathic medicine to act greatly depends on the disease itself. Acute diseases which build up quickly (such as headache, fever or common cold) can be very quickly treated with the right homeopathic medicine. However, chronic diseases such as asthma, arthritis, migraine, eczema, bronchitis etc., surely need some time to be completed cured.

Myth #5: Homeopathy works only in children
This is yet another common mistake most people make since homeopathy is known to work wonders for children and adults alike. When homeopathic medication is given to children or adults right at the onset of the symptoms, the disease is not only healed but the resistance of the child is also improved. Homeopathic medications would prevent the disease from becoming chronic.

Myth #6: Homeopathic is herbal or Ayurvedic medicine
Though Homeopathy makes use of microdoses of extracts from herbs and plants, it should never be confused with herbal or Ayurvedic medications. The science of homeopathy which had its origin in Germany is considerably different from the workings of other alternative medicines such as Ayurveda.

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World Sexual Health day- Dispel your myths !

Diploma in Family Medicine, M.Sc - Psychotherapy
Sexologist, Pune

On the occasion of world sexual health day.
This day is being celebrated every year since 2010 by world association for sexual health. 
This year the theme is sexual health: eilminate the myths.
 As talking about sex life is considered a taboo, a lot of myths and misconceptions related to sexuality are rampant in all age groups and all the populations, rich or poor, educated or uneducated. Most of the them are wrong beliefs and are potenetially harmful to one's sexual and marital health.

Also, many industries are making huge amounts of money by feeding in such wrong beliefs to the society, such as spurious medicines, oils, illegal drugs, and such related services who offer miracle cures and charge huge amounts of money for conditions which are not even a disease. E. G dhat syndrome. They are doing so by instilling fear and ill-based beleifs in people's mind.

For those who are interested in educating themselves and live a better healthy life, here are some discussions

Some common myths dispelled

1. Menstrual blood is impure and women become impure during menstruation.
Correction: menstruation is normal physiological process in the womans body, there is nothing abnormal or sinister about it.

2. If a couple is not able to have a baby, it is the woman who is" baanz" and responsible for not getting pregnant.
Correction: in case of infertile couple the infertility factor may be due to either the male or the female or somtimes with both the partners.

3: some women are unable to bear a male child! sometimes such woman is abandoned or divoreced.
Correction: according to todays knowledge, the sex/gender of the unborn child depends entirely on the male sperm which has fertilised the ovum. If sperm carried the female chromosome the child will be a female and vice versa. So a woman has little of no role in determining the sex of the unborn child.

4. Sex is only for procreation (for having babies) and not for recreation (for mutual enjoyement).
Correction: in case of human being unlike animals, sex is basically meant for mutual pleasure and not just for having babies. Or else human beings will have to give birth to millions and trilions of babies every time they had sex, cause the semen contains millions of live sperms.

5. Sex and sexual pleasure is the forte of the men and women are only supposed to comply to men's wishes.
Correction: in human beings, both men and women are endowed with enough intelligence as well as body capacities. A women also has the capacity of wanting, and enjoying sex just as her male partner and for a happy couple life, both partners should make each other happy in bed too.

6. The sex life ends with women's menopause and the men crossing 40 to 50 years of age.
Correction: most men if are in good health after 40s, are able to remain sexually active well in their 70s or even 90s. Most women after late 30s or after menopause, in fact feel more interested in sex because they no longer fear getting pregnant.

7. A man can get erection whenever he wants.
Correction: just as a woman may have ups and downs of sexual desire, similarly men also go variation in their libido or erection depending upon physical condition, stress etc.

8. Masturbation and night fall leads to sexual dysfunction and loss of sexual power.
Correction: mastrubation and night fall are normal physiological processes of the body. They are as natural as feeling hungry and passing stools every day. They do not cause any loss of sexual power unless they have formed addictions. 

9. To satisfy women men should have long and thick penis.
Correction: satisfaction depends upon the intimacy and communication between two partners and the mutual ability to pleasuer each other. It is the not the cup that matters, it is the coffee inside the cup which is important.

10. A woman is virgin only if her hymen is not broken or only if she bleeds during first coitus.
Correction: there are no sureshot methods to gauge the intactness of virginity in males as well as in females. In a woman, the hymen may be absent altogether or may have broken duing running or cycling etc.

11. Sex and talking about sexual health is obscene and absurd.
Correction: making it a taboo will in fact spread lot of false information. If treated in a scientific way, talking about sex can be as normal as talking about normal life events.

12. Homosexuality is choice / homosexuality is a disease
Correction: people do not choose to be homosexuals, they usually exhibit or express what they are really born with! one does need to rememebr there can be compelling factors such as blackmail, emotional/physical, or lack of availability of opposite sex partner. 

13: sex education spoils the youth and encourages them to experiemnt.
Correction: any education imparts knowledge and helps you to make informed decisions, so is true with sex education. It makes one a responsible human being.

 Sexual health is the right of every person.

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