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Winter Skin Problems

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Dr.Punit Pratap 87% (140ratings)
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MD - Skin,VD & Leprosy
Dermatologist, Noida  •  14years experience
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Hello everyone,

I am Dr. Punit Pratap, Dermatologist. So winters have come. It is a pleasant weather. We all love this weather. We go out, eat a lot, sleep a lot and what not. But since the moisture in environment comes down, in the winters, drastically so our skin becomes dry and dull. And this can lead to aggravation of many dry skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and some other kinds of skin allergies. As we all know skin serves as a barrier and it protect us from the harmful effects of the external environment.

So when it becomes dry and dull the skin is more allergic to cosmetics, more allergic to thermals or the wollens and for that matter anything which you are using. So these skin rashes can leave some scars if left untreated. So there are some do's and dont's- kya karna chahiye, kya nahi karna chahiye.

Starting with some do's. Firstly, moisturise the skin using some moisturizer and since we all have different types of skin, so moisturisers we need might be different. For this, we must consult the dermatologist. Secondly, we should use very mild soap like Dove, Lux, Pears.

Thirdly, we should take adequeate hydration. Usually hum sardi mein pani kam peena shuru kar dete hain. It should not be like that. Now coming to the don't. We should avoid very hot water bath. Usually hum sardiyon mein bahut garam pani use karte hain. We should use lukewarm water. Halka gunguna pani use karna chahiye. If our skin is very allergic, we should not use deodrants and perfumes on our skin. We should use it on the fabric.

Next, agar hamara skin bohot allergic hai to hame fragnance aur paraben free moisturizer use karna chahiye. Next, we should not use very harsh soaps. We should use rather very mild soap. Lastly if the skin is very itchy and hyper allergy the the we should not be wearing thermals. It should be cotton. In case we develop some skin rashes don't self-medicate. Rather we should consult some dermatologist.

Thank you 

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