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Why You Should Eat Breakfast Within an Hour of Waking Up?

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Why You Should Eat Breakfast Within an Hour of Waking Up?

Whether you are running out of time or just not hungry in the morning, missing a breakfast is equivalent to a grave crime. It is particularly a big mistake if you are aiming to lose weight or avoiding gaining weight. The metabolism rate slows down while you are asleep for conserving energy, and it invariably requires a power-packed energy to restart the metabolism with a forceful vigour. Therefore, the sooner you fuel your body with a healthy breakfast, the better it is.

When should you eat?

In a report published by National Weight Control Registry, it was declared that about 78 percent of successful dieters have a wholesome breakfast every morning. The ideal time is within an hour from when you wake up because you are more plausible to eat more than needed in the latter half of the day if you do not eat anything in the morning. This will lead to unwanted weight gain and other health troubles. Furthermore, eating a moderate meal in the morning improves cognition and mood as well.

If you are not able to eat immediately after you wake up, you must at least eat something wholesome within one hour. Eating early can keep your blood sugar and insulin levels under control while boosting your metabolism. When you are waiting too long to have the first meal of the day, you will develop a habit of opting for food rich in fats and bad carbohydrates and lower in nutrient content owing to irresistible hunger.

What should you eat?

Before breakfast 1 glass of water is necessary for cleaning of stomach. The ideal first meal of the day must include a balance of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fat. It is advised to abstain from high sugar foods like cookies, pastries, donuts or sugary cereals. Instead, you can look for hard-boiled eggs, proteins, brown bread, oatmeal, muffins and fruit juices. You must also have a cupful of green tea with a few drops of lime juice squeezed over it. This will help in detoxifying your body and bring out your skin's natural beauty and glow.

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