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Why Melanin Is An Important Factor Of Healthy Skin?

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Dermatologist, Delhi  •  19 years experience
Why Melanin Is An Important Factor Of Healthy Skin?

Since ancient times, people have been craving for fair skin. Especially women have gone and still go to extreme ends to be fairer.

If you too are one of such people, just pause and consider this fact before you put your skin through some cosmetic torture to get fairer skin, the darker the skin tone the healthier it is. The colour of the skin is caused by melanin; it is a vitamin that is the reason behind not only the colour of your skin but your hair as well. This melanin does a lot more than just colour your skin and hair. Read on to know more.

This vitamin protects your skin against outside pollution, the harmful UV rays of the sun as well as other harmful effects of the environment. The more melanin your skin cell secrets, the darker is your skin tone and the better, as well as healthier, is your skin. Do you still want your skin cells to secrete lesser melanin? If the answer is still yes than know this too that the more melanin your skin secreted, your skin would not only be healthier such that it can keep away skin problems like acne, wrinkles and so on but can be more effective in preventing skin cancer as well.

The people with fairer skin often face the above mentioned problem more than people with darker skin tones. Hence next time you think about using that popular cosmetic you saw in the advertisement for getting fairer skin, think about what fair skin means in reality. Of course, you should also know that there is anything yet to be invented that can slow or reduce melanin production. In simple terms, there is no product in the whole world that can make your fairer.

You can have more beautiful skin or healthier skin but not fairer. It would thus be waste of your money to invest in fairness products.Instead of trying to get fairer skin it is advised that you try to get skin that glows with health and that glow would suffice for fairer skin, if fair skin is what you want more than anything else. But you should also know that every colour is equally beautiful and important to make this world a lovely place to be in. Whatever skin color you have, just embrace it, stay healthy and see how you become the envy of everyone.

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