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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

What Makes Your Skin Prone To Acne? Top 5 Reasons Revealed!

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Dr. Jolly Shah KapadiaDermatologist • 28 Years Exp.MBBS, DNB (Dermatology)
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Among one of the most common skin conditions that affect many people all over the world is Acne. It is not a harmful or a dangerous condition, but is usually a cosmetic problem and may also sometimes be a symptom of underlying conditions.

What is acne and what are its causes?

Human skin has follicles or pores in them through which hair comes out. The accumulation of a substance known as sebum within the pores of the human skin can sometimes clog these pores. When this accumulates, dead skin cells also get stuck in it and results in a swelling, which takes the form of a pimple like a crest due to bacterial infections. This condition is most prevalent among adolescents due to rapid hormonal changes in the body, although many adults and pre-adolescents have also reported this problem. Here are some common issues and lifestyle factors which make you prone to acne.  

1. Hormonal imbalances – This is probably the most common reason cited for acne as adolescents tend to be afflicted by this problem. In many cases acne goes away on its own after sometimes although in other cases it does stay. In adults, especially women it has been noticed that certain hormonal changes in the body may act as acne triggers. Some of the examples of hormonal imbalances may be:

  • PMS or period related triggers in adults and adolescent women
  • High testosterone levels in women
  • Excessive androgen in men and women
  • Hormonal problems due to polycystic ovary syndrome and others
  • Taking medicines or steroids that may cause hormonal changes

2. External factors such as using too much makeup – Excessive use of cosmetic products can cause issues within the skin by blocking the pores within the skin may induce acne, even if you  do not have sebum related problems.

3. Diet Research has proved that excessive oil consumption as well as having foods rich in fat can cause acne problems. Moreover, if you consume iodine in large quantities or for a long time, it results in irritation of the skin pores giving rise to acne.

4. Certain medications and drugs - Consumption of specific over the counter medicines like the ones containing bromide and use of recreational drugs like marijuana and cocaine can lead to the occurrence of acne as side effects.

5. Genetics - Certain genetic factors may also be responsible for someone being more prone to acne than others.

I sincerely hope that you found this information and the underlying advice from me useful. If you did, do share it with your loved ones and others. You can also consult privately with me if you believe I can help you with your Acne or other skin related conditions.

Wishing you loads of good health and happiness.


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