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What Is Hair Prosthesis And How It Is Done?

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What Is Hair Prosthesis And How It Is Done?

Hair loss is a problem for each and every individual. People are very particular about maintaining their hairs but at certain points of our lives, we all start losing hair, which not only gives a different look to our appearance but also inflict a lot of pain. Thyroid problem, deficiency of protein, chemotherapy and low levels of vitamin can all lead to the problem of hair loss.

Hair Prosthesis or Cranial Prosthesis is a kind of customized wig, especially designed for those patients, who have lost their hair either due to medical conditions, treatments or as a result of any other clinical disease or treatment.

Cranial Prosthesis is different from a wig, which people tend to use externally for covering their baldness.

What Is Hair Prosthesis and How It Is Done?
It is basically a piece made to replace the hair from a user, thereby covering the areas of hair bald or where the hair is less dense. The strands of prosthesis is set of form individual or in small groups, with a film, either fine or fabric, that stimulates the human skin. Then this basis joins the head or temporary or semi-permanent form of individuals.

Hair Prosthesis is carried out in several steps that involve, taking the cranial perimeter mold in order to get a perfect fit. The mold is done at the base, where the hair is attached. The base is prepared by using a hypoallergic fabric as people, who undergo the treatment of chemotherapy, are generally very sensitive to any external material and also their skin is prone to allergies. The same process is followed while applying hair to the base.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Prosthesis
Now we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages involved in the process of Hair Prosthesis.

The advantages include:

  1. Hair Prosthesis complies with all the possible cases of baldness, including for those, who are undergoing chemotherapy. Chemotherapy invariably involves hair loss.
  2. People can get results immediately and not wait for a certain period of time.
  3. It is also less expensive as compared to hair implant.
  4. Though this does not serve as a permanent solution, yet it can offer a long lasting impact, thereby prevent hair loss for a substantial period of time.
  5. People, who are a part of this process, can perform all their daily activities without any sort of restrictions.
  6. There is no surgery involved in this process.
  7. Another advantage of this hair prosthesis process is that, if it does not satisfactory results, the procedure can be reversed.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, there are certain disadvantages of Hair Prosthesis as well, which people need to be aware of, in order to get the desired results. They include:

  • This requires periodic maintenance.
  • Some models of higher quality are used and more natural results involve a lot of expense.

Will The Hair Be Natural or Synthetic?
Currently, the most common preference is the use of natural hair model, due to the fact that it is more durable and tends to have a much more pleasant and aesthetic result. Still, there also models with synthetic hairs, which are usually cheaper than the natural ones.

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