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Last Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Treatment of H. Pylori Infection!

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Dr. Radhika AmulrajAcupuncturist • 18 Years Exp.MD - Acupuncture, Diploma In Accupuncture, Advanced Diploma In Accupuncture
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H. Pylori or Heliobacter pylori is a category of bacteria which are known to lead a person to experience infection in the stomach's lining. Probiotics consumption can help a person to stay away from any kind of stomach infection and it also helps the stomach to maintain the balance between the number of good gut bacteria and the bad gut bacteria. The treatment of H. Pylori includes antibiotics and the effectiveness of this antibiotic increases when the medication includes probiotics as well because the antibiotic is known to kill both the kinds of bacteria present inside the stomach whether it is a good gut bacteria or bad gut bacteria.

Probiotics are also known to enhance or increase the number of good gut bacteria and it is also helpful in lowering the risk of development of a fatal disease called the yeast overgrowth. Lactobacillus acidophilus is known to have the best effect. 

The majority of the duodenal and peptic ulcers cases reported are caused because of this bacteria H. Pylori. In some cases, the infection due to H. Pylori remains unnoticed because of no symptoms (as it is asymptomatic in some cases) and the majority of the people suffering from this infection do not even know that they have this infection. There are so many signs and symptoms which indicate that the person is having the infection, mainly these symptoms appear to be gastrointestinal and some of those symptoms are mentioned below: 

For the treatment of this infection doctors can proceed with the conventional method of prescribing antibiotics to the patient but you should know that this medicine has various side effects in case of some people. You can also experience various symptoms of the infection after taking the antibiotic such as loss of appetite, diarrhea, nausea, etc.

The body of some people does not show any kind of response or they are resistant against the antibiotics which will ultimately worsen the conventional process of the treatment for this infection. Because of these difficulties only doctors have been showing much interest in following natural approaches for the treatment of H. Pylori infection. The conventional treatment is then associated with these prescribed natural methods and in some cases the doctors prescribe these medicines alone.

Natural methods for the treatment of H. Pylori infection

The intake of these medicines are known to have decreased the numbers of these bacterias in the stomach but they have failed to completely vanish there presence permanently. When you take these medicines along with the conventional medicine the effect of the conventional medicines start to increase.

Some of the effective natural medicines for the treatment of H. Pylori infection are given below:


This medicine is known to have greatly affected the presence of bacterias in the stomach, they are known to maintain the balance in the number of bad gut bacteria and good gut bacteria. Intake of this medicine before or after the standard treatment of H. Pylori infection increases the eradication rate of the bacteria from the stomach. This medicine helps you to maintain and increase the number of good bacteria in the gut and it helps you to lose belly fat.

Green tea

When a person consumes a mouthwash which is prepared from the extract of green tea and it is found to be very effective in hindering the growth of Helicobacter bacteria. This natural medicine has surplus amounts of polyphenols which helps in the reduction of Inflammation and this also helps in the weight loss process by increasing the rate of fat burning in the stomach and this is achieved in a very short period of time.


This natural medicine has some antibacterial properties against this bacteria H. Pylori but there is no evidence or proof found that honey helps in the complete eradication of the bacteria from the stomach. This medicine inhibits the growth of the bacteria inside the stomach and when this medicine is taken along with the conventional treatment results in the shortening of the time period of the treatment. Manuka and raw honey are a few kinds of honey which have antibacterial properties and they have high quantities of antioxidants and it also helps in the improvement of heart health.

Olive oil

This natural medicine is very effective in reducing the growth of this H. Pylori bacteria and it also helps and plays a key role in keeping the person away from this infection. You can consume this oil either by cooking your food in it or you can use it as a dressing for your salad. This oil helps in the reduction of the Inflammation and it also improves the health of bone and the heart.

Licorice root

This natural medicine is proved to very helpful and effective in the treatment of stomach ulcers and it is also found that licorice root also helps to fight against H. Pylori and it also increases the rate of eradication of this bacteria from the stomach and this is only possible because of the antibacterial property of this natural medicine. It also inhibits the bacteria H. Pylori from sticking to the cell walls and it also helps in the quick healing of the ulcers. This natural medicine helps the person to decrease the chance of indigestion and acid reflux and the treatment of peptic ulcers but you should be aware of the fact that this natural medicine also has some drug interactions as well.


This is a very active component of various spices especially of turmeric. This ingredient acts as an antioxidant which also has a very powerful anti inflammatory action. This ingredient helps in the improvement and increase of the blood flow into the affected area which is then utilized for the healing of the damaged gastric tissues and it improves the gut and brain communication, which ultimately leads to the improvement of the immune system and response of the body.


Before you start taking any kind of this natural medication you should be aware of your body, what suits you and what not. You should know about the amount of substance to me consumed very precisely and whether you can take this medicine along with the conventional medications or not. Apart from these conditions if you take these medicines it will surely help you to get rid of this infection or you will have minimal problems because of this infection.

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