Treating hot flushes with homeopathy

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Treating hot flushes with homeopathy

There comes a stage in every woman's life when on one hand she is relieved to see the end of monthly menstruation, and on the other hand has to deal with a host of other problems. This is called menopause, and hot flushes are a common symptom faced by most menopausal women. Hot flushes can be described as spikes in internal body temperature and excessive sweating accompanied by dizziness, nausea and overall tiredness. Homeopathy can be very effective in relieving menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes. Each woman's symptoms of hot flushes are unique, and a homeopathic doctor will prescribe treatment based on her symptoms and personality characteristics. Five most common homeopathic remedies for hot flushes are:

Sepia is anti-spasmodic and an energy enhancer that is very effective for women who perspire heavily because of hot flushes and feel very weak. Sepia addresses not only the physical symptoms of the reproductive organs but also the emotional symptoms. It also treats associated hair loss, depression, irritability and a reduced libido.

Women who benefit from Lachesis are usually lively and easily excitable, but at the same time can quickly turn suspicious and aggressive. Menopause makes these symptoms worse. When it comes to hot flushes, Lachesis is especially beneficial for women who suffer from pressure and burning sensations on the vertex. Lachesis is also prescribed mostly for menopausal women who experience hot flushes that start from the head, and are worse just before sleeping or on waking up.

Pulsatilla is a useful remedy for any major hormonal change. It works very well on women who tend to be indecisive and do not like being isolated. Pulsatilla can be very effective if your hot flushes are followed by chilly spells and emotional upheaval.

If your hot flushes makes you feel like your face is on fire and turns your skin red, Belladonna is what you need. Doctors commonly prescribe this homeopathic remedy for patients who are restless and agitated and suffer from palpitations. Menopausal women with hot flushes, who benefit from Belladonna, also usually suffer from dizziness, throbbing headaches, diarrhea and swollen joints.

Ferrum Metallicum
If you generally feel fine but any slight exertion makes you feel tired and you experience sudden hot flashes, you may need Ferrum Metallicum. This can be accompanied by heavy perspiration and chilly spells. Ferrum Metallicum works ideally on people who are naturally temperamental, intolerant and compulsive workers. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a homeopath.

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