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Last Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Top 10 Doctors for Acne/Pimples in Delhi

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Dr. Ganga BhavaniDermatologist • 27 Years Exp.MD - MD- Skin & VD

Dr. Munish Paul

MD-Dermatology, MBBS  Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

28 Years Experience · ₹ 800  - 1000  at clinic

Dr. Munish Paul is a board-certified dermatologist with 28 years of experience in helping patients attain clear skin. Dr. Paul specialises in the medical and surgical treatment of acne, pimples, scars, and cysts. He also provides facials to help your skin look better.

Make an appointment with Dr. Paul today if you're ready to finally get rid of your acne. He will collaborate with you to develop a treatment plan that is specific to your needs in order to help you attain the clear skin you've always desired!

Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi


17 Years Experience · ₹ 1500  at clinic

Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi has 17 years of expertise as a board-certified dermatologist. He specialises in the treatment of acne, pimples, scars, and cysts. He has vast experience treating facial disorders and is a laser and other cutting-edge technique expert.

Dr. Chaturvedi is passionate about supporting his patients in achieving clear, healthy skin and enjoys seeing the positive impact that his treatments have on their lives. If you are seeking for an experienced dermatologist who can help you accomplish your skincare objectives, make an appointment with Dr. Chaturvedi now.

Dr. Sanket Gupta

BHMS,  MD-Homeopathy, PGPC - Preventive Cardiology

13 Years Experience · ₹ 500  at clinic · ₹250  online

Look no further than Dr. Sanket Gupta for a homoeopathic doctor who can treat your acne, pimples, scars, or cysts. He is uniquely qualified to help you with your skin problems because he has over 13 years of experience in preventive cardiology.

He has a medical degree as well as a postgraduate degree in homeopathy. This means he understands the underlying causes of your skin problems and can assist you in finding the best possible solution.

Dr. Jyoti Monga

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)

22 Years Experience · ₹ 800  at clinic · ₹300  online

Dr. Jyoti Monga is a highly qualified and experienced Ayurvedic doctor who has been in practise for 22 years. She holds a Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery (BAMS) degree and specialises in the treatment of facial acne, pimples, scars, and cysts.

Her treatments are extremely effective, and she has assisted many people in overcoming these skin conditions. If you have any of these skin problems, you should definitely consult with her to get the best treatment possible.

Dr. Himanshu Gupta

Fellow of ACSI , Fellow of IADVL , MD - Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy,

17 Years Experience · ₹ 400 - 500 at clinic · ₹500 online

Dr. Himanshu Gupta is a dermaologist with 17 years of experience. He is a member of the Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists, and Leprologists as well as the Association of Cutaneous Surgeons of India (ACSI). Dr. Gupta earned his MBBS at GSVM Medical College in Kanpur and his MD in Dermatology at LLRM Medical College in Meerut. He also holds an Aesthetic Medicine Fellowship from Apollo Hospital in Delhi.

Dr. Gupta specialises in the treatment of acne, pimples, and scars. He has successfully treated thousands of people with acne, pimples, and scars. Acne is a frequent skin condition among teenagers and young adults. Pimples typically appear when the skin's sebaceous glands become clogged as a result of excessive sebum production.

Dr.  Seth


27 Years Experience · ₹ 800  at clinic

Dr. Amit Seth MD, MBBS K.M.Y Medical College - 1998 27 Years Experience is delighted to share his knowledge of acne and pimple scars. Through his unique and effective treatments, he has assisted countless patients in achieving beautiful, clear skin.

Dr. Seth's approach to acne and pimple scars combines cutting-edge medical knowledge with ancient wisdom to give his patients the best results possible. Dr. Seth can help you achieve the beautiful, clear skin you deserve, whether you have mild acne or severe cystic acne.

Dr. Sanjeev Jain


30 Years Experience · ₹ 600  at clinic

Dr. Sanjeev Jain MD is ecstatic to be able to offer his patients the benefit of his thirty years of experience in the treatment of facial conditions such as acne, cysts, and scars. By enhancing the appearance of his patients' skin, he has assisted a great number of patients in experiencing an improvement in their sense of self-esteem.

Dr. Jain is an exceptionally knowledgeable dermatologist with a wealth of experience who is able to tailor his care to meet the requirements of each individual patient.

Dr. Suruchi Puri

MBBS, MD (Skin & V.D. MAMC) - Dermatology

22 Years Experience · ₹ 1500  at clinic · ₹1000 online

Dr. Suruchi Puri is an experienced dermatologist who has been in private practise for more than 22 years. She holds board certification in her field. She obtained her medical degree from the illustrious Maharshi Dayanand University and then went on to complete her internship and residency at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

Acne, pimples, scars, cysts, and facial infections are just some of the conditions that Dr. Puri specialises in treating. She has assisted tens of thousands of patients in attaining flawless and clear skin. Do not look any further than Dr. Suruchi Puri if you are in need of the services of an accomplished and experienced dermatologist.

Dr. Lipy  Gupta

MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy, MBBS

17 Years Experience · ₹ 800  at clinic · ₹1000 online

Dr. Lipy Gupta MD is a well-known and competent dermatologist who has been treating skin issues for 17 years. She specialises in acne, pimples, scars, cysts, face infections, and other skin problems.

She tailors her treatment to her patients' specific needs. Her treatments are quite effective and have assisted many people in resolving skin issues.

Dr. Aditi Shrivastav

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), PGDCA,

10 Years Experience  ·  ₹ 500 at clinic  ·  ₹300 online

Dr. Aditi Shrivastav is an ayurvedic doctor who has spent the last ten years treating patients suffering from joint pain, arthritis, and muscle stiffness. She holds a Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery (BAMS) degree from a reputable university, as well as a PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications).

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that originated in India and is based on the principle of mind, body, and spirit balance. Ayurvedic medicine believes that imbalances in these three areas can lead to disease. Dr. Shrivastav employs this knowledge to treat her patients holistically, addressing their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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