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Tips To Overcome The Problem Of Nightfall!

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Tips To Overcome The Problem Of Nightfall!

Nightfall commonly referred to as wet dreams is a common problem among males in their adolescent and middle age. The problem of nightfall is attributed to involuntary ejaculation while being asleep. It can affect both men and women though it is commonly seen in males.

While having nightfall, men tend to wake up and go back to normal sleep once again. It is a natural physical process which is considered a problem only if it is too frequent or if it is persistently occurring even after the individual has crossed adolescence.

Causes and symptoms of nightfall:
Some of the most common causes of nightfall include consuming pornography, or watching sexually explicit material, and discussing sex. Moreover, certain drugs and medications also make an adolescent susceptible to nightfall. Blood pressure control medicines, sedatives, and tranquilizers can also cause wet dreams in adults. Changes in mental state such as depression, anxiety, and stress can also lead to nightfall.

The most common symptoms of nightfall are being tired and fatigued all through the day along with physical exhaustion. Few other symptoms of nightfall include drooling of semen, early ejaculation, inability to concentrates, muscle cramps in leg and back portion and burning sensation while urinating.

Treating nightfall:
The most effective means of treating nightfall could be through herbal or home remedies since they do not lead to any side effects. Here are some of these remedies that can be helpful in treating nightfall:

  1. Bathing: Taking a bath before going to bed can help you get sound sleep by rejuvenating both your mind and body. It is very important for avoiding nightfall and improving sleep quality gradually.
  2. Indian gooseberry: Popularly referred to as Amla, Indian gooseberry acts as an antioxidant which helps in avoiding nightfall. You can gradually take control of the situation by taking Indian gooseberry on a regular basis.
  3. Yogurt: Having two to three bowls of yoghurt every day will not only improve your digestion but also help you get a good night’s sleep. It is also beneficial in improving complexion and treating a host of stomach problems.
  4. Sage tea: Sage tea offers a lot of benefits and taking two cups of sage tea every day can decrease the chances of nocturnal emissions.
  5. Avoid watching porn: When you watch porn for hours and hours, it will arouse you sexually and increase the chances of nocturnal emissions. It also has detrimental effects on personal relationships and therefore you should restrict porn consumption to a substantial extent.

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