Tinnitus - Understanding The Signs Of It!

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Tinnitus - Understanding The Signs Of It!

Tinnitus is a specific kind of ear disease that can occur in patients of all age groups. This is basically an ear disorder where the patient suffers from buzzing, clicking, swishing or any other kinds of noises in the ears. These noises generally seem to originate from the inside of the head or ears and not from any kind of outside source. What one needs to realise is that tinnitus can be a symptom of many other diseases as well such as an ear infection or an ear trauma of some kind. It can also lead to intense hearing problems or Meniere’s disease, brain tumours, pregnancy or even anaemia.

Symptoms of tinnitus

  • The most basic symptoms of tinnitus are the problem in hearing that one has to face due to hearing different sounds in the ear. This, in turn, leads to extreme dizziness. As tinnitus may lead to many other problems, it should primarily be diagnosed by a doctor so as to not let the matter intensify.
  • Patients with subjective tinnitus exhibit the symptoms of hearing particular and peculiar sounds which no one else can hear.
  • The sounds produced in the ears generally follows the rhythm of the heartbeat. In case of objective tinnitus, the doctor who is examining the patient might in certain cases hear the sounds that the patient is hearing while examining them from close quarters.

Causes of tinnitus
Tinnitus is caused by various other diseases. And each of these cases has a different treatment as per various diagnoses. If tinnitus is caused by trauma, then it usually observed in both the ears simultaneously as both the ears get affected by similar kinds of hearing problems and subsequently have to be treated with similar medications.

  • On another case, tinnitus can also be caused, by chance with an increase in age. The cochlea is no longer able to send signals to the brain properly then, in that case, the brain gets easily confused with the information that it gets and in turn, it is not able to do its work properly.
  • Tinnitus can also be caused due to exposure to certain kinds of medication and drugs for a long period of time by the patient. Certain antibiotics and quinine has extremely adverse effects on one’s hearing system which may in turn lead to tinnitus as the patient might be allergic to these medicines.
  • In other cases, constant exposure to very loud music could be a cause for tinnitus. This is a reason why a majority of young adults have been affected by tinnitus.
  • Acoustic neuroma is also a major cause of tinnitus.

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