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Sure Shot Ways To Increase Penis Size!

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Sure Shot Ways To Increase Penis Size!

Intercourse plays a key role in building a strong and healthy relationship between two individuals. Of the many things that affect the kind of intimate time spent between a couple, overall condition of the genitals, their size, health, proper functioning and positioning matters. While in females the tightness of the vagina, firmness of the breast all contribute to the pleasures of love making, in males it is all about the size of the penis. Here are a few measures you can adopt to make sure that your penis is of the right size-

  1. Stop Stressing Out– Stress affects every organ of your body adversely and it does the same to your penis. Negative feelings that could stem out of your daily life, work, surroundings, family or anywhere for that matter can cause the blood to flow away from your penis causing it to not grow to its full length on the instance of an erection. The same also occurs if a person suffers from too much of performance pressure before intercourse. Take measures to cut down on your stress and adapt healthy habits like yoga and meditation that shall help you to cope with the ones that are unavoidable.
  2. Gain Size the Fruity Way – Fruits and vegetables should be an important part of your diet for your penis size too. These are essential as the antioxidant rich food items are necessary to fight the free radicals present in the blood vessels. Antioxidants also contribute a lot in making the blood vessels strong and thus play an active role in increasing your penis size.
  3. Prevent Your Size from Going Up in Smoke – Did you know that your penis size can be reducing because of your lifestyle habits like smoking? Yes, you hear it right. Smoking causes reduction in your penis size by damaging the elasticity of the blood vessels present in your penis just the way it does to those in your heart and lungs. Extensive smoking for over a long period of time has been seen to be related to a condition called erectile dysfunction where one can’t attain a full erection. Quitting smoking is hence always a good idea and shall only leave you with a plethora of benefits.
  4. Count the Calories Add the Inch – Consuming high calorie diets have a tendency of increasing your cholesterol level in the blood that interferes with the change in penis size during an erection. Hence adhere to a low calorie diet with sufficient supply of dairy products, lean meats, plant proteins and green leafy vegetables.

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