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Last Updated: May 09, 2021

Suicidal Behaviour - Know The Mental State Of Person!

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Dr. Prerna KohliPsychologist • 38 Years Exp.PhD, MPhil, MA - Clinical Psychology, BA - Psychology
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The statistics of suicide in India are horrendous, every hour a student in India commits suicide.  Every 3 seconds there is an attempted suicide in India. 

The question that comes to mind repeatedly is why does someone who is extremely successful professionally and personally end their life?

A study by the University of California exhibited that 50% of entrepreneurs will suffer from depression or some other form of mental health issues.

Some of the key reasons for mental health issues in entrepreneurs is

  • Competition: They constantly compare themselves to their competitors
  • Working 24×7: Working all the time deprives them of the simple pleasures of life, like enjoying a rainbow, or sitting down to have a meal with their family
  • Detachment: They feel detached from their real self, or who they were before they became successful
  • Lack of Resilience: When they grow up with wealth, they lack the resilience to weather the  downturns in the cycle of life
  • Vulnerability: They are vulnerable to the criticism and peer pressure of the industry
  • Attaining a goal: High successful people have a sense of depression upon achieving a goal. Startup founders on occasion feel bouts of depression upon raising funding, exiting their company, etc.

CEO, entrepreneurs, celebrities are generally more prone to depression and bipolar disorder due to the neverending public and media scrutiny. They are more susceptible to mental disorders such as panic attacks, insomnia, substance abuse, depression, and suicidal thoughts as they are under more pressure than normal people. In the unfortunate death of VG Sidhartha, the pressure of running such a large empire and the financial stresses of this conglomerate took their toll on this man.

To anyone who is contemplating suicide, don’t do it! Life is like a pendulum, there will be good phases and bad phases, we need to live through the bad to appreciate the good.

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