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Stretchmarks - Various Derma Treatments For It!

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Stretchmarks - Various Derma Treatments For It!

Stretchmarks are types of scars, that develops when the kind stretches or tends to shrink quickly. They occur especially when the skin reaches the peak of its elasticity and can’t expand anymore. Weight gain due to pregnancy or puberty is one of the primary reasons behind the occurrence of stretch marks. The connective tissue breaks in and collagen, which is the primary structural protein found in skin, found deep underneath the skin of individuals.

Though stretch marks are quite common things become really become tough for people to accept, especially during summer, when more skin is exposed. They do not cause any pain to individuals but can affect as a person’s confidence and self-esteem. Keeping the areas covered in front of the public is not always possible, hence have to take necessary precautions every time, before going out.

Various Derma Treatment Options
There are various innovative treatments in dermatology, which help get rid of stretch marks. Those include:

  1. Fractional Laser: The very first option that we look at for treating the problem of stretch marks, is through fractional laser. This a very fast and easy treatment method. The patient satisfaction rating is high and the laser, which gets used, is controlled in a precise manner. The therapy works well on any part of the body and can help treat new as well as old stretch marks. The process involves the application of an anesthetic cream on the skin, for close to half an hour, then wash off. Then a gliding gel would allow the robotic handpiece to glide over the skin. A cooling machine is used to ensure that the individual feels comfortable. The skin would be red in color up to 5 days after treatment. It is important while choosing a skin to perform this fractional laser treatment, to ensure that he or she is properly trained. It is advisable to ask for some pictures as proof to show the existence of stretch marks and then removal of those after he has performed this treatment on individuals.
  2. Retinoid Creams: Retinoid creams are those which can also help improve the appearance of stretch marks but only if they still pink or red in color. These creams help in rebuilding the collagen in the skin, which would allow making the skin get back its normal look.
  3. Blue Light Therapy: This therapy works best on those having newer stretch marks. Individuals would come across improvements in their skin but it does not guarantee complete stretch mark removal.
  4. Chemical Peels: Individuals suffering the problem of stretch marks can get their problems solved through the use of chemical peels. This involves, applying a chemical solution to the skin, thus help remove the skin’s top layer. This gives rise to the activation of newer skin cells, providing a fresher look to the skin.
  5. Microdermabrasion: One of the effective methods in dermatology to remove stretch marks is, microdermabrasion. This is done through a handheld device, which would blow crystals onto the skin and hence get it polished. The crystals would then get vacuumed up with skin’s dead cells, thereby revealing newer looking skin.


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