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Stretch Marks

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Here are reason, prevention, and treatments of Stretch Marks

I am Doctor.R.P Singh, a dermatologist. I will be talking on stretch marks which is now a common problem. Stretch marks are basically linear scars on the body which appear on the sudden stretching of the skin. Earlier we see this mainly in females with pregnancy or very obese people. But now it has become a common problem of all growing children and the people going to the gym due to various type of deficiencies in the food and if it is not looked after once a scar is formed you cannot do anything. Prevention is always there.

Skin, hair and nails consume a lot of proteins. The proteins make the major component of the body building material. And the skin, hair and nail, they consume protein throughout the life from shedding regularly. The upper layer of skin that is dead layer usually get changed within two weeks and the inner layer which is composed of the fibrous tissue, elastic tissue which is damaged in the stretch marks. Due to breaking of this dermis stretch marks appear. The protein component if taken regular in good quantity then the skin will be healthy and it will not break and these stretch marks will not form.

So my advice will be to all the parents and the young children that at least 1gm of protein per kg body weight should be taken. The proteins are there in the pulses and in the milk and all non-vegetarian diets. Pulses at least 2-3 katori that is at least 40-60gms of pulses should be taken per day. And about a liter of milk should be taken by the children that provides about 30-35gms of protein. And if people are taking non-veg diet then egg should also be taken regularly then the skin will be healthy. And it should be started from the beginning of the adolescent period so that the major component of the skin which is dermis should be healthy and in this way we can prevent the formation of stretch marks and once these stretch marks are formed we cannot do much. During the people who are developed due to exercises and going to the gym or during pregnancy, they can also be prevented by using sufficient lubricant and massage of the skin at regular intervals.

If somebody is having further clarification or on anything on the stretch marks they can contact me by Lybrate.

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