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Stop Making These 7 Mistakes To Prevent Hair Loss

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Stop Making These 7 Mistakes To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair health is not isolated from your overall health. If you are not very healthy overall, it will show on your hair as well. However, there are many lifestyle mistakes that also result in the damage of hair. If you are losing hair very fast and don’t know why it is happening, watch out for the following mistakes you might be unknowingly doing-

1) Hot Water Shower:  Hot water damages your hair. It strips your scalp of the natural oils and dehydrates your hair, making them brittle. Use mildly warm or regular water for head showers.

2) Combing Wet Hair: Your hair is highly prone to breakage when it is wet. Combing or brushing wet hair weakens the roots and causes hair fall. To maintain healthy texture, it is safe to leave the hair to dry naturally. Also, don't brush your hair harshly.

3) Tight Tie-ups: Tightly fastened hair braids or ponytails cause tension to the roots and follicles. Pulling the hair too tight causes damage and must  be avoided, esp. at night.

4) Heat Treatment: Every time you blow dry your hair or use other heated styling tools, the scalp is subjected to undue heat. Such intense heat weakens the roots instantly. Switch to cool drying or stick to natural drying.

5) Using Styling Products: Hair styling gels and sprays make your hair stiff and sticky. A prolonged use of such products may cause major damage to the hair because the moisture has been drained out and there is friction every time you comb or brush the hair.

6) Not Oiling: Oiling your hair might be very unglamorous to look at but oils of coconut, mustard, olive, amla or sesame deeply nourish the hair follicles. Massaging your scalp with oil twice a week helps improve circulation thus contributing to overall hair health.

7) Bad Eating Habits: Skipping meals or taking improper nutrition has a direct impact on hair health. Healthy hair demand good consumption of proteins and other vitamins. Make salads, fish, lentils, beans, eggs, etc. a part of your daily diet.

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