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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Sports Related Injuries

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Dr. Jeetu MishraPhysiotherapist • 20 Years Exp.Bachelor of Physiotherapy, MPT sports physiotherapy


My name is Dr. Jeetu Mishra. I am director at Acctive & Fit Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Clinic. My early years have been spent with quite a lot of sportsman serving various national and international teams. I have served with the team Tennis, Rugby, Football and other teams. For past one year we have been specializing with the spinal problems.

Mostly these days because of excessive gymming, running, triathletes have been increasing here day and night. Every individual comes with their own kind of problem. Gym going people usually have the problem around their shoulder which is affected because of overloading, excessive lifting, continuous repetitive movement. Roadrunners have their own problems. They usually come with stress fractures, tibiofibular ligament tears, flatfoot and other knee issues, iliotibial band tightness again very commonly seen in runners. Triathletes have their other issues. People who come up with the swimming background, they have problem around scapula, shoulder and other things.

We have been very helpful to these people who try and compete at various other events. We specialize with Cupping, Needling, Acupuncture. We also provide sports massage for regular prevention of the injuries to various sporting athletes. We have a specialised centre dedicated towards the old age people problem specially osteoarthritis, back pain, hip problem and neck problem. We also have extraordinary team which helps us with assisting patients. We have dedicated team towards the stroke, paraplegic patients and other neurological issues. We also provide home services for various conditions. If people come to us to be treated at the clinic we usually don't encourage people to have a session at home. But if it is urgent we do help them with services at their home.

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