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Sports Injury In Children - Know Everything About It!

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Sports Injury In Children - Know Everything About It!

Sports injuries are very common in children because in this age they are most likely to involve themselves in a lot of outdoor activities. A sports injury can be minor cuts and bruises or can be a major fracture or broken bones. The bones of children are more porous than children, therefore injuries can happen more easily. Dehydration, not wearing proper sports equipment and not warming up before makes a child more vulnerable to a sports injury.

The common types of sports injury in children are as follows:

  1. Contusion- It is a portion of tissue or skin in which blood capillaries have been damaged. The effects may vary from a hematoma to compartment syndrome.
  2. Lacerations- A laceration is a deeply cut wound, that is, a tear in the skin or flesh. In case of a laceration try to wash the wound as soon as possible.
  3. Sprains- A sprain is a stretch or a tear in the ligament. A ligament is a fibrous tissue that joins the bones and joints. Bracing and proper rest can cure sprains. However severe cases may require surgery.
  4. Strain- The cure for a strain is similar to that of sprain. Rest, icing, compression and elevation are the initial steps to cure a strain. It mostly occurs in the muscles and myotendinous joints.
  5. Rotator cuff tendonitis- Repeating overhead activities or dislocation or contusion of the shoulder causes rotator cuff tendonitis. Shoulder pain that doesn't cease or pain that occurs when a person tries to do a certain overhead activity are the common symptoms.
  6. Thrower’s shoulder/elbow- When a child practices throwing, an excessive number of times they are likely to get thrower's shoulder or thrower’s elbow.
  7. Osgood Schlatter disease- This disease arises when a child is in their growth phase. Irritation and inflammation at the growth surface of the shin bone give rise to Osgood Schlatter disease. This can be cured by stretching and strengthening exercises.
  8. Jumper’s knee- When there is inflammation or irritation of the growth plate at the bottom of the patella. This disease is similar to Osgood Schlatter disease and usually observed in children in their growing phase.
  9. Shoulder dislocation- In this type of injury, the upper arm bone comes out of the shoulder socket. It is an extremely painful condition generally caused by an extremely hard collision.
  10. Patella dislocation- It is a kind of knee injury in which the patella or the kneecap comes out of its original position.

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