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Sports Injuries - Causes & Treatment!

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Dr. Shrish Dutt Mishra 89% (47 ratings)
MBBS, D.Ortho, DNB-Orthopaedic Surgery, M.Ch - Orthopaedics
Orthopedic Doctor, Delhi  •  26 years experience
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Hi! I am Dr. Shrish Dutt Mishra. I am a senior orthopedic surgeon, sports injury specialist. And I am attached with Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi and also functioned from my center Southend Orthopaedic Centre for sports injury in Greater Kailash Part-2, New Delhi.

So, today we are going to talk about sports injuries. Again this part of the orthopedics is not elaborately understood and in terms of evaluation of the injury , the causes of injuries and the treatment of the injury need more clarity . Not all sports injuries require a treatment and surgery. Most of the injuries are treated consecutively. They are treated starting from the first evaluation of the injury. Each sport has certain bio-mechanics. Like in football, the anterior crucial ligament injury is very common. It is because of the dynamics of the sport, player and how the game goes about it. Similarly, in all the swing sports, it is the shoulder, elbow, wrist injuries are very common.

But the causes of these injuries are very very different. Whenever you are treating sports injuries, the treatment of a professional sportsperson and a ledger sports person, club level sportsperson is very different. The causes, evaluation and the treatment are very different. To put it in very simple terms, professionally these are over injuries. In the club level player, it is the poor conditioning and the poor technique which contribute to the injuries. So, I always say that the sports injuries are dynamic injuries. Unless you correct the dynamics, the injuries are going to recur. Eventually it becomes a chronic recurrent injury and the frustration of the player comes in. So, the first time the injury has to be handled where the doctor knows the dynamics of your sport.

What I mean by the dynamics of sports is how you play the game. Every swing has certain mechanics attached. If those mechanics are not rightly followed, leads vague concentration of energy to a particular point. Like tennis elbow, shoulder pains, wrist pains, ligament injuries, these are very common injuries. I am personally myself a sportsperson. I have played majority of the sports. Right now I am a very low handicap golf player. So, when I handle golf injuries, it is entirely a different scenario. Fortunately, I am also attached with cricket. Right now I and my team are handling Afghanistan International Team , where we take care of the evaluation of the players and prediction of the injuries.

So, friends the bottom line in this short video is that whenever there is any pain following your sports or the pain is happening during the sports or after the sports, you can obviously wait for 5-6 days, put ice and anti-inflammatory gel and give rest to the part. And if it becomes OK, that's Ok.

It can happen to anybody. What if your pain is persisting, if you are unable to play, please do not push yourself beyond a certain limit because that is where your injury gives it too much. Consult a sports injury specialist. He will help you with right evaluation and treatment of that injury. Point of this talk was to enlighten that remember all sports are associated with injury. There is nothing to be afraid of. Play any sport. Functionality is the prime thing of the life. So, play all the sports. Injuries do happen but if they are treated well, they are cured and you play a better sport.

Thank you very much.

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