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X-Ray Elbow (Both) (AP / LAT View) Test

X-Ray Elbow (Both) (AP / LAT View) Test

Your physician may order a X-Ray Elbow (Both) (AP / LAT View) especially when you face sharp pain
emanating from either one or both of your elbows. Usually, in most cases, the causative factors can
be tendinitis, where the tendons attaching to your bone and muscle are inflamed. You could also
continue to experience sharp pains emanating form your elbow as a result of a sprain, muscle tear,
tendon tear or fractured elbow as well as other factors. If you do develop the following symptoms,
then you need to consult with your doctor right away.
Swollen elbow
Joint pain
Sharp discomfort when moving the elbow
Inability to lift anything
Joint stiffness
Joint locking
If you are currently experiencing symptoms similar to the ones posted above, then you need to
consult with your doctor immediately.

Your doctor would first assess your current symptoms, review your medical history as well as any medication you may be taking at the moment and then order for an X-ray of the elbow to be carried out right away. You do not need to undertake any special prep for the X-ray but you would be required to remove all metal objects prior to getting the X-ray done. The X-ray is a low cost, non- invasive imaging procedure that enables doctors to review your bones and organs safely, and make an accurate diagnosis.

The X-ray of the elbow is often used to determine the root causes behind your current elbow pain; it is also used to diagnose other health conditions, such as – medial epicondylitis elbow osteoarthritis It is vital that you check in with your doctor on developing sharp pains in your elbow; if left untreated, this can lead to severe health complications.

Your doctor would ask you to disrobe and change into a hospital gown before getting the X-ray done. Once this is done, he would then proceed to position you in various poses so as to get X rays done with lateral view and in other positions which should enable your doctor to clearly identify the causative factors behind your elbow pain. The X-rays should be available in a few hours post which he would then diagnose the reason behind your elbow pain and provide you with effective medication to treat the same. He may also order additional tests if he determines that the current causative factors behind your elbow pain are bacterial or fungal in nature.

Average price range of the test is approximately Rs.500-1000 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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