Spine Problems & Homeopathy!

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Spine Problems & Homeopathy!

Several spine-related problems like cervical spondylysis, lumbar spondylysis, prolapse of intervertebral disc, spinal stenosis, sciatica are most common among the people aging from 30 to 65+. They are very common among women also, especially after menopause.

Nowadays, these spine problems are very common because of our unhealthy lifestyle. Now in this modern era, our life has become very unhealthy. It's very sedentary. We don’t walk, we sit in one place and one position for long hours. There is no laborious activity to our body.  We travel a lot on moped, bikes and cars. Our nutritious value of food has gone down.

Traditional medicines deal with the above discussed problems initially with painkillers, multivitamins and combinations of minerals. If there is no improvement traction, cervical belt or lumbar belt is suggested. Still if there is no improvement, the patient is asked to go for surgery

These problems cannot be solved only with yoga, or any kind of exercises or acupuncture, etc. They require very definite approach of treatment. 

Homoeopathy has very definite approach to a spine problem. In homoeopathy, the patient is first given a consultation in which he is asked only 5 questions which are enough to understand the symptoms related to the spine problem and symptoms related to the patients personality.

When this is done, the derived information is matched with the hundreds of homoeopathic medicines and the exactly indicated medicine is prescribed after determining the needs of the patient. Usually, the patient gets about 40 per cent relief in the first month and 40 per cent more in the next month. It is worth mentioning that any spine related problem is fully curable in about 5-6 months of homeopathic treatment.

Four effective exercise are recommended.

Here are some remedies that are also suggested to heal spinal issues:

  • One fist of coriander
  • 5 leaves of kaddi patta with both the meals
  • Recipes prepared from sesame
  • Patients, who can have non-veg, can have soup prepared of goat's leg atleast twice a week

In the above way, patients can get rid of all painkillers and dangerous surgeries and can get cured to enjoy there life peacefully.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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