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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Smoking - Can It Lead To Bladder Cancer?

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As per myriad medical reports the world over, lung cancer is the number 1 killer cancer in the world, and one of the most common as well. This is closely followed by breast cancer. Yet, there are a number of types of cancer that can affect people all over the globe. Bladder cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer which takes place due to the abnormal growth of cells in the inner lining of the bladder.

There are many causes of bladder cancer, including genetics and smoking as well as exposure to a number of chemicals. Read on to know more about the same, and why it is imperative to give up smoking to avoid bladder cancer, or to treat it effectively.

  1. Smoking: Smoking and the use of tobacco is one of the most important causes of bladder cancer. It is a common misconception that smoking can only cause lung cancer. It can cause many types of cancer, including bladder cancer, because of the chemical exposure that happens when a person smokes. There are approximately 7,000 chemicals that are used when one cigarette is created, as per many studies and reports. These can have a harmful effect on the various organs of the body.
  2. Smoking and its effect on the bladder: So what happens to the bladder when you smoke? Cigarettes contain a number of chemicals, which are mostly carcinogenic. These get into the urinary tract and start to clog the inner lining of the bladder, because they do not get flushed out like normal waste with the urine. Eventually, these chemicals begin to erode the inner lining which leads to the accelerated and abnormal rate of cell growth in the region. This leads to the manifestation of a tumour, which may or may not be malignant.
  3. Urine and chemicals: When the chemicals from the cigarette begin to gather in the urinary tract, the bladder tends to remain in prolonged contact with this carcinogenic infested urine. This can lead to exposure to the elements, which can trigger abnormal cell growth and problems in the bladder. These high concentration levels of toxins in the urine eventually affect the functioning of the bladder.
  4. Smokers and non-smokers: As per many medical studies, those who do not smoke but have a family history of the condition as well as other environmental factors like exposure to certain types of chemicals in their workplace or other areas may be twice as susceptible to the growth of bladder cancer. But as per the same studies and medical reports, those who smoke, are actually four times more susceptible to bladder cancer.

Therefore, it is imperative to stop smoking so as to prevent the onset of this potentially fatal disease.

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