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Skin Aging - Types & Prevention

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Dr.Anil Ganjoo 89% (14ratings)
MD - Dermatology, MBBS, Fellowship In Dermatosurgery
Dermatologist, Delhi  •  30years experience
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Hello Friends,

I am Dr. Anil Ganjoo, a senior consultant dermatologist in Delhi. So, today I will tell you something about the aging of the skin. As soon they go at the age of 30-40, they have various concern for skin aging. They start with the symptom of pigmentation, superficial wrinkles on the skin. Skin starts losing the volume. Skin sags down. So, to take this together, we have to do a combination of the treatment. We have to treat with various kind of lasers, energy based devices and we have to provide the volume with the help of the fillers and removal of wrinkles done with the help of botulinum toxins.

We start with the tightening of the skin with energy based devices like high intensity focused ultrasound machine. Skin gives a younger look as It has been pulled up. Then we also combine it with radiofrequency devices like monopolar, bipolar. After that, we get into the filler to fill the area which has lost fat. The eye area loses its volume, we fill them up with the help of the fillers. We take care of the wrinkles which are coming around the forehead, crow's feet around the eyes. This happens because of aging the muscles go into the constant stage of contraction and we have to help these muscles to relax them.

So, all these skin problems can be taken care of the combination of the treatments we have available. We have high intensity focused ultrasound, we have the radiofrequency devices, chemical peels also. So, we welcome you to visit our centre and get the best for your aging skin.

Thank You!

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