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Simple Understanding of Goodpasture Syndrome in Kidneys

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Simple Understanding of Goodpasture Syndrome in Kidneys

Your kidneys perform a vital function in your body. It purifies the blood and is essential for proper blood circulation. However, a number of diseases or conditions can adversely affect the functioning of this organ system. Goodpasture Syndrome is one such condition.

What is Goodpasture Syndrome?

Goodpasture Syndrome is an autoimmune disease of the kidneys and the lungs. It is also known as Anti-glomerular Basement Membrane Disease. In this disease, the body’s antibodies attack the kidneys. This can lead to complete kidney failure, due to the damage from the autoimmune response. However, Goodpasture Syndrome is quite rare.

Causes for Goodpasture Syndrome-

Researchers have yet to pinpoint an exact cause for Goodpasture disease. However, doctors believe some risk factors increase the likelihood of contracting the condition. Research indicates that Goodpasture Syndrome is hereditary in nature; it may be a genetic defect.

Other potential risk factors for the condition include-

  • Exposure to certain dangerous chemicals, such as hydrocarbon solvents

  • Addiction to drugs, such as cocaine

  • Exposure to metallic dust increases the risk of Goodpasture Syndrome as well

  • Smoking cigarettes/tobacco addiction

  • In some cases, viral infections may also pose a risk for the autoimmune condition

Goodpasture Syndrome mostly affects men aged between 20 and 30 years. However, it can also affect people over the age of 60 years.

Symptoms of Goodpasture Syndrome of kidneys

If you are affected by Goodpasture Syndrome, you will experience one or more of the symptoms listed below.

  • Blood in urine

  • Swelling in legs

  • Foam in urine

  • Elevated blood pressure

  • Swelling of the hands

  • Burning sensation while urinating

  • Lower back pain

The symptoms will be different if your lungs are affected due to the Goodpasture Syndrome.

Treatment for Goodpasture Syndrome -

Goodpasture Syndrome may last for a few weeks or even a few years. Until the disease runs its course, patients will need to undergo continuous treatment. Immunosuppressive drugs will help control the body’s immune response. Plasmapheresis is an artificial process of removing the harmful antibodies from the blood.

Even though kidney failure is possible, only around 30 percent of the people suffering from the condition requires dialysis in the long-term.

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