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Seasonal Viral Fevers

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I am Dr. Dinesh Chawla, practicing from the last 27 years. Today I will talk about the seasonal viral fever. This is the season after rains, so the viral fever is very common and homeopathy is the best treatment for the viral fever. How you get the viral fever? When your immunity is low and when you are exposed to the person who has viral fever you get it. But not everyone gets it because there is a difference in your immunity level. Every viral fever has a prodromal period that means once you get infected and the appearance of viral fever, there is an in-between time for few days when virus grows in your body. That is the prodromal period. And after that the fever happens. As we discussed earlier also homeopathy treats the person as such, not by the name of viral fever or something. Generally, you see people say take anti-pyretic and you will be alright in a few days and no need for any medicine unless they give an antibiotic.

But in homeopathy we treat viral fever according to your symptoms, how the fever presents itself. What are your general thirst, appetite, body ache, perspiration all those things. Your personal feeling about chilliness, feeling hot all the symptoms are important. With homeopathy one thing is that once we treat viral fever- there are no after effects, there is no weakness after the fever. Usually, everyone after the fever remains week for few days but once you are treated homeopathically, there is no after viral weakness. There is no other after viral diseases like the cough. We have seen the cases treated by other systems of medicines after the disappearance of the fever the cough usually stays for 10 to 15 days but homeopathy can treat that also, those symptoms and even other symptoms which you are having other than viral fever. Also the same treatment for malaria fever, typhoid fever.

All these fevers are common in this weather. You become healthy after the fever and in the future also you get immunity also. Homeopathy medicines help your body to increase immunity, increase resistance from the virus or bacteria infection. After homeopathy treatment, you don't get relapses even and next season you get the same virus you don't get affected by that. You can visit me at my clinic- Green valley, shop number- 22, Green valley plaza, Faridabad. My phone number is 9818064301. You can call me for an appointment.


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