Scarless Nose Job - Things You Must Consider!

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Scarless Nose Job - Things You Must Consider!

Rhinoplasty is a surgery which is performed to work on and reshape the structure and size of your nose. It is done for various reasons: correction and reconstruction of the nose, restoring functionality and aesthetic enhancement. With the help of this surgery, the size of the nose can be altered, the angle of the nose in relation to the lips can be changed, tip of the nose can be altered and bumps, indentations or other abnormalities can be corrected.

Rhinoplasty is of two types:
Open rhinoplasty: The surgeon makes the incision on the columella.
Closed rhinoplasty: The surgeon makes an incision inside the nose without touching the septum.

The Surgery

  • The procedure takes 1-2 hours; however, hospital stay may be mandatory, if the procedure is complex. Either general or local anesthesia is used to perform rhinoplasty.
  • The surgeon will either make an incision outside the nose or inside. The incisions are done to get access to the cartilage and bones supporting the nose. Depending on what the patient requires, cartilage and bone may be added or removed, or tissue could be added.
  • After the rearrangement and reshaping is done, and the incision is sutured, a splint is put over the nose to support it as it heals. The splint and the nose are carefully bandaged.
  • The surgeries are either conducted by plastic surgeons or otolaryngologists and maxillofacial surgeons.


  • You can go home the day the surgery is performed.
  • Your face and nose will swell up and hurt after the surgery and headaches will be common.
  • The nasal splint will be removed after 3-5 days. You should feel more comfortable after this.

However, full recovery takes a longer time. The healing process is gradual and slow and there might be some numbness and swelling in your nose for months to come.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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